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Best Motorcycle Fork Oil

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle fork oil, AMSOIL’s cutting-edge R&D department created Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid exclusively for high-performance bikes to deliver rapid rebound and fade-free damping.

AMSOIL Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid #10 Medium.
AMSOIL Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid #10 Medium

When it comes to navigating hazards on the terrain or maximizing performance during a race, having a suspension that is in good working order is very necessary. Riders benefit most from suspensions that maintain a constant feel throughout a wide temperature range. However, aggressive riding may cause the suspension oil to heat up to the point where it loses its viscosity, which results in an uneven and soft feel.

Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid #5 Light.
AMSOIL Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid #5 Light

Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid is designed to prevent viscosity loss across a wide temperature range, ensuring that the vehicle’s suspension will feel effective and consistent at all times. It extends the life of seals by extending their usefulness and reducing wear, aeration, and foaming.

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AMSOIL’s veteran chemists came up with the idea for Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid in order to make the behavior of suspension systems more predictable. AMSOIL’s special and exclusive mix of high performance synthetic base stock oils have viscosity indices that are intrinsically high, which allows them to successfully maintain viscosity. In order to properly minimize foam and aeration, the chemists at AMSOIL insist on not only employing the very finest anti foam chemicals, but also a substantial amount of these agents.

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Performance of a suspension system is degraded when there is persistent friction inside a shock body. After many years of development and testing in the toughest conditions, Shock Therapy® Suspension Fluid works because it has a secret recipe that uses a unique mix of friction stabilizers to cut down on the energy lost due to friction. In addition, extremely efficient anti-wear chemicals are used with this cutting-edge chemistry in order to prevent shocks and forks from untimely wear.

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For the discerning high-performance rider or racer, we developed our Best Motorcycle Fork Oil article to provide an alternative point of view on the practical advantages of utilizing a full-synthetic shock absorber oil and motorcycle fork oil. Please make it a habit to check back here for the latest articles on synthetic lubrication.

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