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How to Ungel a Diesel Truck

If you’ve been wondering about how to ungel a diesel truck and need to find the best emergency diesel fuel treatment to get rid of gelling, AMSOIL Diesel Recovery has your diesel vehicle covered. This high-quality diesel fuel additive is specifically engineered to dissolve wax crystals that develop when the cloud point of a diesel fuel has been surpassed. By using this product in diesel fuel, any diesel fuel that has gelled will liquefy and fuel filters that have become frozen will thaw. This gets your diesel vehicle back on the road and saves you expensive towing charges.

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery.
AMSOIL Diesel Recovery

What Makes AMSOIL Diesel Recovery the Best Way to Ungel Diesel Fuel?

Rapid Recovery of Diesel Fuel

When diesel vehicles are operated in frigid environments, unique challenges arise. When temperatures plunge, the wax inherent to diesel fuel develops into crystals. This point at which wax crystals are formed within diesel fuel is referred to as the fuel’s cloud point. Such crystals can starve the diesel engine of fuel and clog fuel filters, preventing startup or even causing engine stalling.

Thankfully, AMSOIL Diesel Recovery quickly liquefies diesel fuel suffering from gelling due to wax crystals and minimizes downtime for the diesel operator. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery activates a process of wax crystal molecular bond separation within gelled diesel fuel. Frozen fuel filters are thawed and preserved, resulting in cost savings and preventing unnecessary parts store trips.

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Alcohol-Free, Non-Corrosive Formula

With prolonged usage, components within certain fuel delivery systems can become degraded by alcohol exposure. Repetitious treatment with AMSOIL Diesel Recovery will never be an issue since its formula is free from alcohol. AMSOIL Diesel Recovery doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that may negatively react with fuel system components and it is inherently non-corrosive. Corrosion resistance is an important characteristic of any diesel fuel additive since corrosion can cause damage to various components within fuel systems and lead to the clogging of fuel filters.

Functional Within Many Blends of Diesel

There are many diesel fuels of varying qualities within the overall diesel marketplace. Thankfully, AMSOIL Diesel Recovery performs admirably in the majority of diesel fuels, including off-road, biodiesel, and ULSD fuels.

Insurance Within a Bottle

Between each diesel filling station, the quality of diesel fuel encountered can vary substantially. Diesel fuels that are lower on the quality spectrum can have cloud points as high as forty degrees Fahrenheit. Always having a bottle of AMSOIL Diesel Recovery on hand is a relatively inexpensive insurance policy against being stuck in frigid temperatures or having to be towed to a repair shop.

As a preventative maintenance measure, consider using AMSOIL Diesel Cold Flow or AMSOIL Diesel All-In-One regularly in your diesel vehicle.

We hope this blog post on how to ungel a diesel truck with AMSOIL Diesel Recovery has been useful. Visit this blog again soon for more high-performance lubrication tips!

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