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Protect Your Investment: Synthetic Oil for 2024 GMC* Terrain*

Using synthetic oil is an excellent choice for keeping your 2024 GMC* Terrain*’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. Its advanced formula and many advantages make it a smart investment in safeguarding your vehicle for the long term. Let’s explore the reasons why synthetic oil can be beneficial for your SUV and examine the advanced technologies incorporated into your GMC* Terrain*.

The Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Switching to synthetic oil offers several advantages over conventional oil. Synthetic oil provides better protection against engine wear, especially in extreme temperatures. Its consistent molecular structure also helps to reduce friction within the engine, leading to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Enhanced Engine Cleanliness

One of the key benefits of using synthetic oil in your 2024 GMC* Terrain* is its ability to keep the engine clean. Synthetic oil contains fewer impurities than conventional oil, reducing the buildup of sludge and deposits in the engine. This leads to better engine performance and longevity.

Better Fuel Efficiency

In the 2024 GMC* Terrain*, the conventional oils you may be using contain molecules of varying sizes and weights, along with unwanted materials like wax. As a result, more energy is needed to circulate these oils in your engine, leading to decreased fuel economy. On the other hand, synthetic motor oils are crafted with uniform synthetic base oils that move smoothly over each other without unwanted materials. This helps in reducing energy lost to friction and optimizing fuel efficiency.

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Improved Longevity

A thin layer of oil serves as a barrier between the metal surfaces within your GMC* Terrain*’s engine, preventing direct contact and potential damage caused by friction. Synthetic motor oils prove to be more effective than conventional oils in establishing a durable protective film, thanks to their robust base oils. By opting for synthetic motor oils, you can reduce wear and prolong your engine’s lifespan.

Optimal Performance

Synthetic oil is designed to provide superior performance under various driving conditions. Whether you’re navigating city streets or taking on rough terrain, synthetic oil offers excellent protection and performance for your 2024 GMC* Terrain*. It maintains its viscosity better than conventional oil, ensuring optimal engine functioning at all times.

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2024 GMC* Terrain*’s Revolutionary Features

In the 2024 GMC* Terrain*, the base engine boasts a displacement of 1.5 liters and is equipped with an Inline 4 configuration. This gasoline-powered turbocharged engine delivers a solid 175 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and generates a torque of 203 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm. With 16 valves and a Double overhead cam (DOHC) camshaft configuration, this engine ensures efficient performance. Additionally, the variable valve timing and standard direct injection system further enhance the engine’s capabilities in terms of power delivery and fuel efficiency.

The recommended engine oil viscosity for optimal performance in the 2024 GMC* Terrain* is 0W-20. The front-wheel-drive (FWD) model has an engine oil capacity of 4.2 quarts, including the oil filter. In contrast, the 4 Wheel Drive model has a slightly higher oil capacity of 5.3 quarts, which includes the filter. It is crucial to follow these specified oil capacities to ensure the engine operates smoothly and efficiently.

The Terrain*’s Drivetrain Transmission boasts a responsive 9-speed shiftable automatic system that enhances the driving experience by providing smooth and efficient gear shifts. This advanced transmission is specifically designed to optimize performance and fuel efficiency. Paired with the Front Wheel Drive configuration, the Terrain* offers enhanced traction and stability on various road surfaces. Additionally, the standard Descent Control feature ensures a controlled descent on steep slopes for added safety and confidence while driving on challenging terrains.

The GMC* Terrain* is equipped with a sophisticated four-wheel independent suspension system that ensures a smooth and controlled ride on various terrains. This feature allows each wheel to move independently, enhancing stability and handling for an exceptional driving experience. Additionally, the standard stabilizer bar further improves cornering and overall vehicle dynamics, providing a confident and enjoyable driving experience every time you hit the road.

The 2024 GMC* Terrain* boasts impressive dimensions: it measures 182.3 inches in length, 72.4 inches in overall width (without mirrors), and stands at a height of 65.4 inches. With a wheelbase of 107.0 inches, this vehicle offers a generous cargo capacity of 29.6 cubic feet with all seats in place, expandable to a maximum of 63.3 cubic feet. Maneuverability is a breeze with a turning circle of 37.4 feet, and the Terrain* maintains a comfortable 6.9 inches of ground clearance. Weighing in at 3,419 pounds curb weight, it can tow up to 1,500 pounds and has a maximum payload capacity of 1,146 pounds. With a gross weight of 4,464 pounds, this versatile vehicle is a product of skilled craftsmanship, assembled with precision in Mexico.

Terrain*’s Safety features include a Lane Departure Warning accident avoidance system that comes as standard. Along with this, you’ll find Lane Keep Assist, a Pre-collision safety system, and a Post-collision safety system included in every vehicle. Dual front side-mounted airbags, front and rear head airbags, and a Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation system are all standard safety components. The stability control, traction control, child seat anchors, and rear door child safety locks further enhance the safety measures in place. Not only does this vehicle offer essential safety features like 4-wheel ABS, front and rear ventilated disc brakes, emergency braking assist, tire pressure monitoring, dusk sensing headlamps, auto delay off headlamps, LED headlamp, daytime running lights, front and rear headrests, front and rear height adjustable headrests, rear center 3-point belt, and a remote anti-theft alarm system as standard, but it also ensures a comprehensive safety package for a worry-free driving experience. The Terrain* Remote anti-theft alarm system is equipped with an extensive array of safety features to provide you with peace of mind. In addition to the Standard Engine immobilizer, you can rely on advanced security measures like motion sensors, perimeter lighting, and automatic door locks. These state-of-the-art components work seamlessly together to safeguard your vehicle against potential threats, ensuring that you can enjoy your drives worry-free.

The GMC* Terrain* offers ample space and comfort in the front seat area. Enjoy generous dimensions such as 40.0 inches of front headroom, 40.9 inches of front legroom, 57.2 inches of front shoulder room, and 54.4 inches of front hip room. The vehicle comes equipped with premium cloth upholstery as standard, along with bucket front seats for a cozy ride. Adjust your seating position effortlessly with the 6-way manual driver seat adjustments and height-adjustable driver and passenger seats, all provided as standard features. Additionally, the fold-flat passenger seat adds versatility to accommodate your cargo needs.

In the rear seat, you’ll find ample space for comfort and relaxation. With 38.5 inches of rear headroom, 39.7 inches of rear legroom, 55.6 inches of rear shoulder room, and 51.8 inches of rear hip room, every journey promises a luxurious experience. The split-folding rear seatback and folding center armrest come as standard features, enhancing versatility and ensuring your passengers can unwind in style.

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The 7.0-inch infotainment display in the “In-Car Entertainment” system offers a standard feature set that includes an AM/FM stereo, 6 total speakers, and Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone connectivity. You can easily connect your devices via the standard USB connection or utilize the auxiliary audio input and USB with external media control. Enjoy a diverse range of music and programs with the standard satellite radio, which comes with 3 months of complimentary service. The system also features speed-sensitive volume control to ensure an optimal listening experience on every drive.

Terrain*’s Comfort & Convenience Features When it comes to comfort and convenience, the Terrain* excels in providing a satisfying driving experience. Keyless ignition comes standard, allowing for easy and hassle-free access to your vehicle. The tilt and telescopic steering wheel, along with audio and cruise controls conveniently placed on the steering wheel, enhance driving comfort and control.

Electric power steering ensures smooth handling, while the rearview camera adds an extra layer of safety for parking and reversing. Cruise control makes long drives more relaxing, with front and rear cupholders and door pockets providing practical storage solutions. The overhead console with storage, along with front seatback storage, allows for organized stowing of essential items.

Moreover, the single-zone front climate control and rear ventilation ducts ensure optimal cabin temperature control for all passengers. In addition, you can expect to enjoy the convenience of Interior air filtration, a feature that helps maintain clean and fresh air inside your vehicle. You’ll also appreciate the Sun sensor, which automatically adjusts settings based on sunlight intensity. Furthermore, the standard inclusion of Dual illuminating vanity mirrors ensures that you have ample lighting for quick touch-ups, while the Electrochromatic inside rearview mirror enhances visibility by reducing glare from headlights behind you. From thoughtful storage options to advanced safety features, the Terrain*’s comfort and convenience features truly elevate the driving experience.

Instrumentation on the vehicle includes a variety of features. For instance, the trip computer comes standard, allowing you to track your mileage and fuel efficiency with ease. Additionally, you’ll find a compass readily available for your convenience, ensuring you always know which direction you’re headed. Stay informed about the external temperature thanks to the display feature, while the tachometer provides real-time engine RPM data. And of course, you can rely on the standard clock to keep you on schedule during your travels.

The 2024 GMC* Terrain* comes equipped with a comprehensive array of advanced features to enhance your driving experience and keep you safe on the road. From the Telematics Emergency Service for immediate assistance in case of emergencies to the Standard Airbag Deployment Notification system that notifies you in the event of airbag deployment, this vehicle prioritizes your safety at all times. Additionally, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking/Assistance feature helps protect your investment by assisting authorities in tracking and recovering your vehicle if it is ever stolen. With Standard Hands-Free Calling, you can stay connected without compromising your focus on the road, while Roadside Assistance ensures help is just a phone call away in case of any unforeseen issues. The Concierge Service adds an element of luxury to your driving experience, providing personalized assistance whenever needed. Enjoy seamless navigation with Destination guidance and Turn-by-Turn Navigation, as well as the convenience of Destination Download for easy access to your desired locations. Experience unparalleled peace of mind and convenience with the remarkable features offered by the 2024 GMC* Terrain*.

The significance of the Terrain*’s connection to the road lies in its reliance on high-quality Tires & Wheels. The Terrain* is equipped with a set of Painted alloy wheels, measuring 17 x 7.0 inches. Additionally, it comes standard with All-season P225/65R17 tires, ensuring optimal performance in various weather conditions. For emergency situations, both a Temporary spare tire and an Inside-mounted spare tire are provided as standard features. These components collectively contribute to the Terrain*’s overall performance and safety on the road.


To wrap things up, opting for synthetic oil for your 2024 GMC* Terrain* is a wise decision to ensure your vehicle’s lasting performance. With its top-notch protection, engine cleanliness, and performance advantages, synthetic oil is a valuable tool in protecting your investment for the road ahead. Make the switch to synthetic oil now and feel the change in your GMC* Terrain*’s performance and longevity.

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