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Husqvarna* 150B* vs 350BT*: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

When it comes to choosing the ideal leaf blower for your outdoor tasks, the Husqvarna* 150B* and 350BT* stand out as top contenders. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into the key differences between these two impressive models, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

The Husqvarna* 150BT* boasts a 2.15 horsepower engine, while the 350BT* comes in slightly lower at 2.1 horsepower. Both blowers share the same size and weight, offering a balanced comparison in terms of portability and power. Additionally, the 150BT* features a slightly larger fuel tank, storing 42.6 fl.oz., compared to the 42.27 fl.oz. capacity of the 350BT*.

Notably, the 150BT*’s smaller tubes result in higher miles per hour (MPH) but lower cubic feet per minute (CFM), while the 350BT*’s larger tubes deliver lower MPH but higher CFM. These distinctions play a crucial role in addressing specific blowing needs, which we’ll explore further in this comparison.

Join us as we highlight various factors, from performance metrics to user experience, providing a detailed overview that will empower you to select the leaf blower best suited to your outdoor maintenance requirements.

Husqvarna* 150BT* Specifications

The Husqvarna* 150BT* backpack blower is designed to excel at regular yard work with its impressive power output. With a robust 51.7cc 2-cycle engine, this blower delivers a powerful 2.15 horsepower and generates an airflow velocity of up to 232 mph. Additionally, it provides a high air volume of 765 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and a blowing force of 22 newtons, making it a reliable choice for clearing debris and leaves with ease.

One unique feature of the Husqvarna* 150BT* is its efficient X-Torq* engine design, which not only reduces harmful exhaust emissions but also increases fuel efficiency. This means you can tackle yard maintenance tasks while minimizing your environmental impact and maximizing performance.

Husqvarna* 350BT* Specifications

Moving on to the Husqvarna* 350BT*, this backpack blower is engineered for professional-grade performance. It is equipped with a robust 50.2cc 2-cycle engine that churns out an impressive 2.1 horsepower, unleashing a maximum airflow velocity of 180 mph and an air volume of 692.17 CFM. The blowing force of 21 newtons ensures that it handles heavy debris and leaves effectively.

One standout feature of the Husqvarna* 350BT* is its ergonomic design, including a comfortable harness and controls that are intuitive to use, enhancing both performance and user comfort during prolonged operation.

In comparing the power, airflow velocity, and air volume of the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT*, it’s evident that both blowers offer substantial capabilities for tackling outdoor maintenance tasks, each with unique features that cater to different user requirements.

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Husqvarna* 150BT* Design Features

The Husqvarna* 150BT* backpack blower is engineered to deliver exceptional performance while prioritizing user comfort. Weighing in at a manageable weight, the 150BT* boasts a well-balanced design, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use. The ergonomic harness system is equipped with padded straps, a hip belt, and weight-leveling capabilities, ensuring a customized and comfortable fit for the operator. Additionally, the handle design is optimized for user comfort, providing a firm grip and control during operation.

Husqvarna* 350BT* Design Features

Similarly, the Husqvarna* 350BT* impresses with its thoughtful design and ergonomic features. With a focus on user comfort and ease of use, the 350BT* is designed to offer a balanced weight distribution, reducing the burden on the operator. The harness system is equipped with adjustable padded straps and a hip belt, allowing for personalized adjustments to achieve optimal comfort during operation. The handle design of the 350BT* is crafted to provide a secure and comfortable grip, promoting precise control and maneuverability.

Both the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT* models prioritize user comfort and ergonomic efficiency, ensuring that outdoor tasks can be tackled with ease and minimal strain on the operator.

Husqvarna* 150BT* Fuel Capacity and Efficiency

The Husqvarna* 150BT* is equipped with a fuel tank volume of 42.6 fl oz (US) and a fuel consumption rate of 466 g/kWh. This impressive fuel capacity allows for extended operation without frequent refueling. The X-Torq* engine design not only reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% but also increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. These features contribute to prolonged runtime and reduced fuel costs, making the 150BT* an efficient and reliable choice for outdoor maintenance tasks.

Husqvarna* 350BT* Fuel Capacity and Efficiency

On the other hand, the Husqvarna* 350BT* boasts a commendable fuel tank capacity, allowing for longer operational durations between refills. While specific fuel consumption data is not readily available, the X-Torq* engine design of the 350BT* is engineered for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, contributing to prolonged use on a single tank of fuel. This ensures that users can tackle larger areas without interruptions for refueling, enhancing overall productivity and user satisfaction.

Comparing the fuel tank capacity and fuel efficiency of the two leaf blowers, both the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT* offer ample fuel storage and efficient operation. These factors play a significant role in usability and runtime, allowing users to work longer without the need for frequent refills or extended downtime.

Husqvarna* 150BT* Price and Value

The Husqvarna* 150BT* presents a compelling value proposition with a price that reflects its robust set of features and reliable performance. Priced at approximately $349.99, the 150BT* boasts a balance of power and efficiency. Equipped with a 50.2cc engine and delivering an airspeed of up to 251 mph, this model showcases commendable force for heavy-duty tasks. Furthermore, its ergonomic design and harness contribute to prolonged comfort during operation, enhancing its overall value.

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Husqvarna* 350BT* Price and Value

In contrast, the Husqvarna* 350BT*, priced around $379.95, positions itself as a premium offering with enhanced capabilities. With a 50.2cc engine and a maximum airspeed of 180 mph, the 350BT* emphasizes high air volume, making it ideal for larger-scale debris clearing. Its X-Torq* engine technology not only ensures optimal fuel efficiency but also reduces emissions, adding ecological value to its performance. Additionally, the ergonomic handle and adjustable harness further elevate its value by prioritizing user comfort and maneuverability.

By comparing the pricing and value propositions of the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT*, it becomes evident that while the 150BT* excels in raw power and speed, the 350BT* emphasizes efficiency and environmental consciousness. Understanding these distinctions is crucial in aligning the leaf blower’s attributes with specific user requirements and budget considerations.

Husqvarna* 150BT* User Reviews

The Husqvarna* 150BT* has garnered positive feedback from users, with many highlighting its powerful performance in swiftly clearing leaves and debris. Users have expressed satisfaction with its ability to handle substantial workloads, making quick work of even heavy leaf coverage. However, there have been occasional concerns raised regarding its weight, as it is a bit heavy at 22 pounds, making prolonged use somewhat fatiguing for some users.

Several users have also emphasized the ease of use and durability of the 150BT*, commending its longevity and robust build. While most users have not reported any significant issues, a few have mentioned occasional throttle-related issues after a few weeks of use, which may warrant further consideration.

Husqvarna* 350BT* User Reviews

The Husqvarna* 350BT* has received commendation for its impressive power and efficiency in leaf blowing tasks. Users have reported that it effectively tackles large areas and heavy debris, making it suitable for extensive yard maintenance. Some users have also noted its relatively lighter weight compared to the 150BT*, enhancing user comfort during prolonged use.

Additionally, users appreciate the 350BT*’s ergonomic design, which contributes to reduced fatigue during extended operation. However, a small number of users have raised concerns about potential issues related to the throttle mechanism after a few weeks of use, echoing similar feedback to the 150BT*.

Overall, both the 150BT* and 350BT* have garnered positive reviews for their robust performance and durability, with occasional mentions of throttle-related issues. As you weigh your options between these two models, user feedback provides valuable insights into their real-world usability and potential considerations.

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In conclusion, the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT* leaf blowers exhibit subtle yet impactful differences. The 150BT* boasts a slightly larger fuel tank, offering a volume of 42.6 fl.oz., compared to the 42.27 fl.oz. of the 350BT*. Additionally, the 150BT* has smaller tubes, resulting in higher MPH but lower CFM, while the 350BT* features larger tubes, providing higher CFM at the expense of MPH.

Considering these variations, the choice between the Husqvarna* 150BT* and 350BT* ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific needs. If raw power and larger fuel capacity are priorities, the 150BT* may be the preferred option. However, for those seeking a balance between air velocity and air volume, the 350BT* could be the more suitable choice. Ultimately, both models offer exceptional performance, and the decision should align with the user’s specific requirements.

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