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How Synthetic Oil Can Improve Fuel Efficiency in Your 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat

Imagine cruising down the highway in your 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat, feeling the power of the roaring engine beneath you. Now, what if I told you there’s a way to enhance your driving experience even further? Yes, you heard it right! By switching to synthetic oil, you can not only boost the performance of your Hellcat but also improve its fuel efficiency. Let’s delve into how synthetic oil can make a significant difference in your driving experience.

Understanding Synthetic Oil

While some may be aware of the superior performance of synthetic oils compared to conventional ones, the reasons behind this advantage might not be as widely understood. Synthetic oils stand out by their lack of impurities and molecular irregularities found in conventional oils, making them notably pure and consistent in structure. These unique molecular characteristics translate into exceptional properties, such as enhanced wear protection, superior performance in extreme temperatures, and increased fuel efficiency – areas where conventional lubricants simply fall short. It’s these unparalleled attributes that contribute to cost savings and improved longevity for vehicles like the Durango* SRT Hellcat, ensuring optimal performance and durability that conventional oils cannot match.

Enhanced Lubrication for Efficiency

Conventional oils, with their mix of different-sized molecules and unwanted substances like wax, can make your engine work harder, resulting in lower fuel efficiency. On the flip side, 100% synthetic motor oils, crafted from precisely uniform synthetic base oils, effortlessly glide past each other without any undesirable components. By reducing friction-related energy loss, these synthetic oils boost fuel economy significantly. Imagine the 2024 Durango* Hellcat purring smoothly with the help of such high-performance lubricants, maximizing both power and efficiency on the road.

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Improved Engine Performance

When you opt for synthetic oil in your Hellcat, you are essentially giving your engine a boost in performance. The high-quality formulation of synthetic oil helps to keep the engine clean by preventing the buildup of sludge and deposits. A cleaner engine operates more efficiently, leading to improved horsepower and overall performance. This means you can enjoy enhanced acceleration and responsiveness while also saving on fuel.

Cleanliness, Durability and Longevity

Vehicle manufacturers are updating engine designs to comply with stricter fuel economy standards, resulting in engines that operate at higher temperatures. The average operating temperature now reaches up to 235°F, climbing even higher under heavy loads. This increased heat accelerates oil breakdown, leading to oxidation, sludge, and deposits. Recent tests reveal that using a premium, high-performance, 100% synthetic engine oil can help keep engines up to 5 times cleaner than conventional oil by effectively resisting deposit formation. When it comes to maintaining the performance of your 2024 Dodge* Durango* Hellcat, choosing the right engine oil is crucial for optimal cleanliness and efficiency.

Synthetic oil is known for its durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles like the Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat. Its robust composition allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, ensuring optimal engine protection at all times. By using synthetic oil, you can prolong the life of your engine and reduce the risk of any unexpected breakdowns, giving you peace of mind on every drive.

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Synthetic Oil Specs For Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat

The manufacturer’s recommended engine oil for optimal performance in the 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat is the 0W-40 viscosity grade. It is crucial to ensure that the engine oil capacity is maintained at 8.2 quarts, inclusive of the oil filter. Proper maintenance of the engine oil in your vehicle is essential to guarantee smooth operation and longevity of the engine components.

When upgrading to a synthetic 0W-40 engine oil, it is crucial to verify that it meets or exceeds a range of specific industry standards. These include API SP, SN PLUS, SN, Chrysler* MS-A0921, MS-12633, MS-10725, MS-10850, as well as being compatible with vehicles like the Nissan* GT-R and meeting GM* dexos R requirements. Ensuring that the chosen synthetic oil adheres to these stringent specifications will help maintain optimal engine performance and longevity.

Buckle Up: 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat Specs Breakdown!

Durango* SRT Hellcat Engine Specs

The powerhouse under the hood of the 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat roars to life with a formidable 6.2-liter V8 engine, delivering an impressive 710 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and 645 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. With 16 valves and an overhead valve cam configuration, this beast of an engine epitomizes raw power and performance, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

The 2024 Durango* Hellcat’s impressive power calls for premium unleaded fuel to ensure peak performance. While the EPA fuel efficiency ratings of 12/17 MPG (city/highway) and a combined 13 MPG are decent, there’s room for improvement by using premium synthetic oils. With a fuel tank capacity of 24.6 gallons, this translates to a range of 295.2 miles in city driving and 418.2 miles on the highway. Upgrading to premium synthetic oils could potentially enhance these mileage figures.

Durango* Drive Train

The 2024 Dodge* Durango* Hellcat comes equipped with an impressive drivetrain system that includes an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission, providing seamless shifts for a dynamic driving experience. Its all-wheel-drive capability ensures optimal traction in various road conditions, while the standard on-demand 4WD feature enhances the vehicle’s off-road performance. Additionally, the electronic single-speed and automatic locking hubs contribute to the Durango* Hellcat’s exceptional handling and control, making it a reliable choice for adventurous drives. Moreover, the standard rear limited-slip differential further enhances the vehicle’s stability and maneuverability, showcasing its prowess both on and off the road.

Durango* Suspension System

The Durango* SRT Hellcat comes equipped with a cutting-edge four-wheel independent suspension system, providing superior handling and control on any terrain. This advanced setup ensures that each wheel moves independently, allowing for optimized traction and stability in challenging driving conditions. Additionally, the standard stabilizer bar works in conjunction with the suspension system to minimize body roll during sharp turns, enhancing overall performance and driving experience.

Durango* SRT Hellcat: Size Matters!

In 2024, the Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat boasts impressive dimensions. It stretches 201.0 inches in length and stands at a height of 72.1 inches. With mirrors included, the overall width extends to 85.5 inches, but without them, it narrows down to 76.4 inches. The wheelbase spans a solid 119.8 inches.

When it comes to storage, this beast offers 17.2 cubic feet of cargo capacity with all seats in place, expanding to a whopping 85.1 cubic feet at maximum capacity. The acceleration time from 0-60 mph is a mind-blowing 3.5 seconds, while the turning circle measures at 41.0 feet.

The Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat sits comfortably with 7.8 inches of ground clearance and can handle angles of approach at 18.5 degrees and angles of departure at 20.2 degrees. Weighing in at 5,575 lbs, it can tow up to 8,700 lbs and carry a maximum payload of 1,590 lbs, with a gross weight limit of 7,100 lbs.

Crafted in the United States, this powerhouse SUV is ready to hit the road with unparalleled performance and style.

Durango* Entertainment!

Exciting features found inside the Durango* Hellcat include a stunning 10.1″ infotainment display that brings your entertainment to life. You can easily tune in to your favorite AM/FM radio stations or immerse yourself in the crystal-clear sound delivered by the premium Harman/kardon* speakers, boasting an impressive 825 watts stereo output across 19 total speakers, including a powerful subwoofer that ensures a deep bass experience. Stay connected seamlessly with Android* Auto and Apple* CarPlay, and make use of the convenient USB connection and auxiliary audio input for all your media needs. Additionally, enjoy the luxury of satellite radio for endless entertainment options on the road.

Dodge* Durango* SUV Luxury Accessories

The Dodge* SUV comes equipped with a host of impressive standard features that elevate the driving experience to a whole new level of convenience and luxury. Picture effortlessly gliding down the road as you engage the one-touch power windows, making it a breeze to adjust your surroundings with just the touch of a button. With Standard Hands-free entry, you can seamlessly access your vehicle without fumbling for your keys, enhancing both security and ease of use. Additionally, the Standard Heated mirrors not only provide clear visibility in inclement weather but also add a touch of comfort by ensuring that your mirrors remain free from fog and ice, keeping you safe and stylish on the road.

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Hi Tech Instrumentation

The SRT Hellcat comes equipped with a wide range of standard instrumentation features that enhance your driving experience. These include a trip computer to help you track your journeys, a compass for seamless navigation, an external temperature display for staying informed about the conditions outside, a tachometer to monitor your engine’s revolutions per minute, and a clock to keep you on schedule. These advanced features ensure that you have all the vital information at your fingertips, making every drive in the SRT Hellcat a well-informed and enjoyable experience.

Dodge* Durango* Safety

Dodge* Durango* SUV prioritizes safety with its comprehensive array of standard features. From blind spot and lane departure warnings to an accident avoidance system, this vehicle ensures peace of mind on the road. Additionally, the standard rear cross traffic alert and pre-collision safety system further enhance safety measures. In the event of a collision, the post-collision safety system, along with dual front side-mounted airbags, front, rear, and third-row head airbags, and passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation provide a protective cocoon for occupants. The stability control and traction control systems add an extra layer of security to the driving experience.

Durango* SRT Hellcat also comes with 4-wheel ABS for enhanced braking control, brake drying system for optimal brake performance in wet conditions, front and rear ventilated disc brakes for effective heat dissipation, emergency braking preparation and assist for sudden stops, tire pressure monitoring to keep you informed about your tire health, dusk sensing headlamps for automatic lighting adjustments, auto delay off headlamps for added convenience, LED headlamps for bright and energy-efficient illumination, self-leveling headlights for consistent beam alignment, daytime running lights for improved visibility, and turn signal mirrors for enhanced communication with other drivers.

Child seat anchors are a crucial safety feature that come standard in this Durango*, making it easy and secure to install a child seat. In addition, the rear door child safety locks ensure that children stay safely inside the vehicle at all times. When it comes to comfort, you’ll find 2 front headrests that are adjustable to your preferred height, along with 2 rear headrests for passengers in the back. These headrests also conveniently fold down when not in use. For added security, the car is equipped with a remote anti-theft alarm system and an engine immobilizer, giving you peace of mind no matter where you park.

Front Seat Comfort

Front seat measurements for the Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat include 39.9 inches of headroom, 40.3 inches of legroom, 58.5 inches of shoulder room, and 57.0 inches of hip room. The vehicle comes with premium leather upholstery, bucket front seats, and several standard features such as an 8-way power driver seat, height-adjustable driver seat, power adjustable lumbar support for the driver’s seat, two memorized driver seat settings. 8-way power passenger seat, height-adjustable passenger seat, power adjustable lumbar support for the passenger seat, multi-level heated driver and passenger seats, as well as ventilated driver and passenger seats.

Rear Seat Comfort

The backseat measurements offer ample space with 39.8 inches of headroom, 38.6 inches of legroom, 57.7 inches of shoulder room, and 55.5 inches of hip room. The rear area comes equipped with convenient features like a foldable rear seatback, reclining rear seats, a folding center armrest, multi-level heating, and manually foldable split-bench third-row seats.

Key Power Features

In addition to its impressive standard features like keyless ignition, power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, and rear view camera, the 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat ensures an elevated level of comfort and convenience. You’ll find yourself effortlessly cruising with the transmission, cruise, and audio controls conveniently located on the steering wheel.

The electric power steering enhances your driving experience, while the front and rear parking sensors provide added confidence in tight spots. Stay powered up on the go with wireless charging, and enjoy the convenience of adaptive cruise control for a seamless driving experience. The universal remote transmitter allows you to easily control garage doors and security systems, while the abundance of cupholders in the front, rear, and 3rd row ensures everyone can keep their beverages within reach.

Durango* SRT Hellcat Convenience and Comfort

Also the Durango* SRT Hellcat comes front and rear door pockets to the practicality of cargo floor mats, this vehicle is designed with your comfort and storage needs in mind. Enjoy the luxury of a leather and simulated alloy steering wheel, along with the added convenience of a heated steering wheel for those chilly mornings.

With three-zone climate control and rear ventilation ducts with fan control, you can ensure that every passenger stays comfortable on the journey. Other notable inclusions like interior air filtration, dual illuminating vanity mirrors, an electrochromatic inside rearview mirror, and turn signals in mirrors all contribute to the sophisticated and functional design of the Durango* SRT Hellcat.

Dodge* Durango* Telematics

The 2024 Durango* Hellcat comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of standard telematics features to enhance driver safety and security. In the event of an airbag deployment, the vehicle will automatically notify emergency services, ensuring prompt assistance. Additionally, the standard vehicle alarm provides a reliable notification system in case of unauthorized access or suspicious activity. With built-in stolen vehicle tracking and assistance features, owners can have peace of mind knowing their vehicle’s whereabouts can be easily monitored. Furthermore, the standard roadside assistance feature offers support for unforeseen breakdowns or emergencies on the road, further enhancing the overall safety and convenience of the vehicle.

Max Traction, Tires & Wheels

The Durango* SUV comes equipped with standard painted alloy wheels that measure 20 x 10.0 inches. The standard tires are 295/45R Z with the added feature of run-flat tires providing extra safety and security on the road. These elements combine to enhance both the performance and aesthetics of the vehicle, ensuring a smooth and stylish driving experience.


Switching to synthetic oil for your 2024 Dodge* Durango* SRT Hellcat can totally transform your driving experience. Not only will it boost fuel efficiency with better lubrication, but it will also enhance engine performance, durability, and lifespan. Don’t hesitate – give your Hellcat the love it needs and see firsthand the difference synthetic oil can make in your driving escapades!

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