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CAT* C7* Oil Type

Professionals who are wanting to upgrade to a higher quality CAT* C7* Oil Type may find AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil to be a great choice.

AMSOIL 15W-40 Commercial-Grade Diesel Oil.
AMSOIL 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil

AMSOIL designed 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil as a semisynthetic diesel engine oil with a synthetic content of greater than 50%.

This premium diesel engine oil either fulfills or surpasses the specifications set out by the original equipment manufacturer when used in on-road and off-road settings, respectively.

For instance, it is suitable for use in Caterpillar* engines, which call for an engine oil that satisfies the specifications ECF-2, ECF-3, and ECF-1-a as well as API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4+, and CF.

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AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil is intended to offer exceptional protection and value for CAT* professional operators looking to upgrade from traditional diesel engine lubricants.

AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil has been developed to provide more protection against oxidation and heat than standard diesel engine lubricants.

This heavy-duty diesel motor lubricant helps maintain horsepower, fuel economy, and engine cleanliness for robust CAT* C7* engine operation.

AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil is a high-quality synthetic-blend engine oil containing more than 50% by volume of synthetic base oils, allowing for improved cold engine starts and excellent engine protection even in the dead of winter.

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The low volatility or “burn-off” rate of AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil translates to less oil being burned off in the combustion chamber and less oil being consumed by the engine during operation.

The deterioration of cylinder liners and piston rings causes a loss of compression and an increase in oil consumption, resulting in a decrease in both engine output and fuel economy.

AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil has been shown in tests to provide superior wear protection, which in turn helps extend engine life, save downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

AMSOIL’s 15W-40 Commercial Grade Diesel Oil, which has a synthetic content of over 50% and high-performance detergent and dispersant additives, keeps soot particles suspended independently, reducing viscosity change and preventing the formation of larger, wear-causing particles.

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This CAT* C7* Oil Type blog post was written with the intention of presenting an alternative viewpoint, namely that transitioning from a conventional diesel motor oil to a high performance semi-synthetic engine oil could provide significantly greater benefits for your diesel engine.

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