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Best Hydraulic Oil for Dump Trucks

If you’re a heavy equipment owner/operator looking for the best hydraulic oil for dump trucks and other heavy equipment, AMSOIL has you covered with their high performance Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil that is available in three viscosities: ISO 32, ISO 46, and ISO 68.

AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 32.
AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 32

What Makes AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil the Best Hydraulic Oil for Dump Trucks?

AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 46.
AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 46

AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil is specially developed to preserve the integrity of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems that operate in harsh environments. This oil will be a huge asset in reducing downtime and saving unnecessary maintenance costs for any dump truck owner/operator by combating corrosion, resisting oxidation, prolonging hydraulic oil life, maintaining efficient equipment operation, and preventing foaming to enhance the cleanliness of components.

AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 68.
AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil ISO 68

Wear Resistance

Motors, valves, pumps, and other hydraulic components are protected against harmful wear by the powerful anti-wear additives that are formulated into AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil. The life of these components will be significantly prolonged as a result, and the necessity for constant maintenance will be reduced. Wear resistance is vital for the proper functioning of any heavy duty hydraulic system.

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Foaming Prevention

State-of-the-art anti-foam additives are blended into AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil to prevent the formation of foam. Excessive foaming leads to cavitation, which damages pumps. Heat within the hydraulic system will be exacerbated by foaming, leading to oxidation and ultimately varnish and sludge. By fighting the formation of foam within the hydraulic system, AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil assists equipment operators in maintaining the operability and cleanliness of pumps, solenoids, valves, and other hydraulic components.

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With this high performance hydraulic fluid, sponginess is eliminated, efficiency is maximized, and filterability is maintained for maximum lubricant life and performance.

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Hopefully this blog post on the best hydraulic oil for dump trucks has established a solid case for AMSOIL Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Oil being a necessity for heavy equipment operators looking for maximum hydraulic functionality and protection. If you have any questions about AMSOIL, leave a comment below!

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