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2020 Mitsubishi* Mirage* Oil Type

AMSOIL’s OE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil (3.2 quarts with oil filter) is a great option for anyone looking to update their 2020 Mitsubishi* Mirage* Oil Type to increase engine longevity. A quality synthetic engine oil may provide exceptional wear management to safeguard vital Mirage* engine components like cams and pistons.

OE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.
AMSOIL OE 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

By using the greatest anti-wear and friction-modifying ingredients, AMSOIL synthetic engine lubricants provide your Mirage*’s engine superior wear protection. In harsh circumstances created by engines with a lower displacement, the installation of a high performance synthetic engine may give an additional layer of protection.

AMSOIL’s custom-blended synthetic motor oil is appropriate for modern engines that operate at higher temperatures. With a patented combination of thermally stable, 100 percent synthetic base oils, this distinctive motor oil combats heat to manage deposits, avoid thickening, and reduce oil use.

EA15K13-EA Oil Filter.
AMSOIL EA15K13 Oil Filter

This high-end synthetic motor oil is made with molecularly identical synthetic base oils that are designed to slide easily over each other and stay fluid even when it’s freezing outside. Putting this motor oil in your Mitsubishi* Mirage* engine can help decrease frictional energy loss and optimize fuel efficiency.

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The 2020 Mitsubishi* Mirage* is one of the least expensive and most fuel-efficient non-hybrids available. It has a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine that produces 78 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 74 pound-feet of torque at 4000 rpm.

The engine is compatible with either a five-speed manual gearbox or a continuously variable transmission. The Mirage* has exceptional fuel efficiency ratings. When equipped with the continuously variable transmission (CVT,) the Mirage* G4 sedan achieves an EPA-estimated 35 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway. The EPA estimates that the hatchback will get 36 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.

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This article, 2020 Mitsubishi* Mirage* Oil Type, was produced for Mirage* drivers who are interested in switching to a different kind of engine oil in an effort to increase the longevity of their vehicle’s engine and decrease its environmental impact. Please leave a comment if you are seeking information on more vehicle-related issues.

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