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Reel Talk Insider Tips from Pro Anglers on Boat Fishing Success

Maximize Your Fishing Season with Expert Advice

Hey there, avid angler! Before you hit the lakes and rivers this season, gear up with these essential tips from pro anglers Pete Maina and John Gillespie. They’re here to ensure that your preparation meets opportunity, enabling you not to miss a single catch.

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1. Tackle Box Overhaul

Organize your tackle box by species—walleye, bass, panfish, trout. Label all items for easy access and discard any rusted or damaged gear to keep your fishing smooth and efficient.

2. Rod and Reel Readiness

Inspect and clean your rods and reels. Check for frays and ensure the strength of your main fishing line. Pete Maina recommends starting the season with a new fluorocarbon leader and using a reliable Seaguar* Smackdown Braid as your main line.

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3. Line and Leader Check

John Gillespie advises updating all your fishing lines before the season begins. Opt for a consistent power line across your reels to easily adjust based on the fish you’re targeting each day.

4. Strategic Preparations

Focus on a primary target species and planned fishing spot to streamline your setup. Visualize your fishing day to prioritize techniques and tackle, ensuring you’re perfectly equipped for your intended catch.

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5. Essential Gear and Accessories

Don’t forget to pack:

  • A suitable landing net
  • Boat plug
  • Sunscreen and rain gear
  • Proper release tools like pliers and cutters
  • Check all boating essentials like motors, electronics, and livewells are operational.

6. Boat and Trailer Tune-Up

AMSOIL Synthetic Water Resistant Grease.
AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease

Ensure your boat and trailer are in top condition. Check motor functionality, battery charge, trailer tires, and lighting. John Gillespie recommends greasing the trailer bearings with AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease for smooth operation.

7. Fuel and Oil Maintenance

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Treat your fuel system with AMSOIL Quickshot® to address ethanol-related issues and maintain a clean engine. If your four-stroke motor oil hasn’t been changed since last season, consider using AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Engine Oil for the best performance and protection.

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8. Protection and Maintenance

Apply AMSOIL Metal Protector on your fishing tools and boat components to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation under any conditions.

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AMSOIL MP Metal Protector

Follow these pro tips from Pete Maina and John Gillespie to prepare effectively for a successful and enjoyable fishing season. Here’s to tight lines and memorable catches on the water!

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