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Expert Tips for Applying Dirt Bike Chain Lube for Optimal Results

Keep Your Dirt Bike Chain in Peak Condition

As an avid motorcyclist, you know the thrill of hitting the tracks or the trails. But, even the most exhilarating rides hinge on the smooth functioning of your bike’s chain. Whether you’re gearing up for a race or a leisurely trail ride, understanding when and how often to lubricate your dirt bike’s chain is crucial for optimal performance.

Chain Lube.
AMSOIL Chain Lube

Pre-Ride Preparation

Lube Before Every Ride: Make it a routine to apply chain lube before each ride. This simple step can significantly reduce wear and tear, ensuring that every component moves seamlessly.

Post-Clean Care

Lube After Washing: Washing your bike is essential, but it strips away lubrication. Reapplying chain lube after every wash protects your chain from rust and keeps it functioning smoothly.

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Routine Maintenance

Regular Cleaning: Dirt and debris are inevitable companions on your rides but cleaning your chain periodically prevents buildup and extends the chain’s life. Utilize a soft-bristled brush along with a gentle non-caustic soap for effective cleaning. Post-wash, drying thoroughly and re-lubricating are must-do steps to avoid corrosion.

Special Considerations for O-Ring and X-Ring Chains

AMSOIL Heavy Duty Degreaser.
AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Degreaser

If you’re using O-ring or X-ring chains, you’re in luck! These are designed to prevent contaminants from seeping into the chain’s critical pivot points. While they are self-sealing and retain lubricant efficiently, don’t forget the rollers and side plates still need your attention with proper lubrication to prevent wear.

For Non O-Ring Chains Riders

Those preferring non O-ring chains, note that while your bike may be lighter and faster, it demands more frequent lube applications. The lack of protective seals means more exposure to dirt, requiring diligent cleaning and lubrication to maintain performance.

Extra Protection with Mudslinger®

AMSOIL Mudslinger®

Consider applying AMSOIL Mudslinger® before rides to add a layer of protection against mud and dirt. This preparation helps in keeping your bike cleaner and makes post-ride washdowns a breeze.

Ride Hard, Maintain Well

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By following these maintenance guidelines, you ensure that your dirt bike is always ready for action, whether it’s tackling rugged terrains or conquering race tracks. Regular upkeep not only enhances your bike’s performance but also safeguards your investment in the long run. Remember, a well-maintained chain means a smoother, faster ride every time.

Stay dirty, ride clean, and never compromise on maintenance!

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