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Bobcat* S650* Oil Type

Professionals interested in a step up to a more cutting-edge Bobcat* S650* oil type may look at AMSOIL’s Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40.

AMSOIL 5W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel.
AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40

AMSOIL’s seasoned scientists worked to develop a Bobcat* engine oil type that would give protection above and beyond that offered by conventional, synthetic-blend, and other synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL’s exclusive synthetic technology offers heavy-duty protection for diesel enthusiasts as well as those whose livelihoods rely on their Bobcat* S650* skid steer loaders.

AMSOIL’s Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 has excellent additives that help increase the intervals between oil changes and your Bobcat* S650* engine’s lifespan. When the work calls for fast speeds at high temperatures, AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 protects against wear even more effectively than conventional diesel oils, and it starts more easily in cold weather. Typically, AMSOIL’s Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 can provide protection at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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When compared to standard diesel engine lubricants, AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil has greater resistance to heat and oxidation. It ensures clean engine operation and helps maintain engine power and fuel efficiency for superior engine performance in your Bobcat* S650* skid steer loader.

AMSOIL scientists formulated Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 to have a low rate of volatility, also known as burn-off. This lowers the amount of oil that is used while the engine is running and allows for the passage of less oil vapor into the combustion chamber. In a test that is common in the industry, it results in a consumption of oil that is far lower than what is needed by the API CK-4 standard.

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Loss of compression and higher oil consumption result from worn piston rings and cylinder liners in an internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, this results in a decrease in both the efficiency of fuel usage and the power output of the engine. Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 from AMSOIL has been shown in independent testing to significantly increase wear protection, which in turn helps to minimize equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and equipment lifespan for your Bobcat* S650*.

AMSOIL has created this high performance diesel engine oil by combining cutting-edge synthetic base oils with a substantial amount of heavy-duty detergent and dispersion additives in a proprietary formulation. AMSOIL’s Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 has been formulated to reduce the amount of viscosity change while simultaneously maintaining independent suspension of soot particles. This helps to avoid the production of bigger particles that cause wear. As previously stated, the reduced volatility of this Bobcat* engine oil type formulation enables Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-40 by AMSOIL to retain its viscosity after high-temperature service, thereby enhancing engine protection and fuel economy for your Bobcat* S650*.

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The purpose of our Bobcat* S650* Oil Type article was to provide an alternative point of view, namely, that a high-quality synthetic diesel motor oil may give additional advantages beyond those attainable with regular engine oil.

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