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Best Injector Cleaner for Diesel Engines

What is the best injector cleaner for diesel engines? We firmly believe that the answer to that question is AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean, a deposit-removing and performance-enhancing diesel fuel additive that will help to boost fuel economy and revive horsepower in your diesel vehicle.

This high-performance diesel injector cleaner additive from AMSOIL is designed to protect and clean all types of diesel engines, including common-rail engines subjected to high-pressure. The proprietary concentrated formulation of Diesel Injector Clean targets specific issues that affect diesel engine performance and eliminates them, maximizing power. This diesel fuel additive can be confidently utilized in all types of diesel fuel, including biodiesel.

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean.
AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean

Benefits of AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean

Decreases Soot-Loading

Sealing and combustion are enhanced through Diesel Injector Clean’s ability to effectively clean piston rings and fuel injectors with its powerful formula. Incomplete combustion generates soot, and this diesel fuel additive minimizes soot generation and prevents soot from building up within the crankcase. This soot regulation lowers the severity of soot-linked wear and improves engine oil viscosity.

Lubricates Pumps and Injectors for Wear Reduction

Lubricity is vital for regulating wear in injectors and fuel pumps, and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD) inherently offers significantly reduced lubricity. This lost lubricity desperately needed by injectors and pumps is reintroduced into the fuel system through the use of AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean, prolonging service life, decreasing wear, and saving money and time on unnecessary maintenance costs.

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Separates Water and Fuel

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean contains no alcohol in its formulation and effectively safeguards diesel fuel systems against contamination from water. With the use of this diesel fuel additive, water/fuel emulsions are eliminated so that separating filters can successfully prevent water from reaching injectors, stopping corrosion in its tracks. Drivability is boosted since water can be drained easier.

Prolongs the Life of Filters

Modern diesel motors have a tendency to run quite hot, which causes the temperature of fuel returned to the tank to increase. This leads to carbonaceous deposits building up within fuel filters, which clogs them and results in premature failure. Fuel filter life is prolonged through the use of AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean via its ability to prevent the buildup of deposits.

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Fuel Economy Improvements and Horsepower Restoration

Deposits within fuel injectors skew spray patterns, resulting in partial combustion, sub-par atomization of fuel, smoking, and excessive emissions. Common-rail high-pressure diesel fuel systems are becoming more and more prevalent as diesel manufacturers try to enhance power within the framework of increasingly restrictive emissions standards. Within these high-pressure systems, fuel injector pressures commonly reach 30,000 psi and higher to improve combustion by atomizing fuel into a fine mist. This process reduces emissions, all the while improving fuel economy, power, and torque.

To maintain such high pressures, the assemblies of injectors are highly engineered. As an example, a human hair is usually 70-100 microns thick, while clearances within these high-pressure fuel systems can be as tight as 1-3 microns. The most seemingly insignificant cluster of deposits on injector pintals or other injector components can easily lead to sticking, or worse, seizure. The result of such deposit buildup is a disruption of operability, fuel economy reduction, and decreased power. Unfortunately, standard diesel additives aren’t designed to handle these difficult-to-remove injector deposits. Only the finest additive formulation will do in these instances.

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AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean is formulated with a unique high-quality additive chemistry that specifically targets both typical carbonaceous deposits and internal diesel injector deposits, restoring operability and horsepower to peak levels. Through regular use, injectors will be kept clean and acceleration will be enhanced significantly. Total fuel savings and downtime reduction can translate to zero additional ownership costs. 

We hope that this blog post has solidified the suggestion that AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean is the best injector cleaner for diesel engines on the market. If you have any other lubrication topics you would like to see discussed on this blog, leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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