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Best Assembly Lube for Engine Building

What constitutes the best assembly lube for engine building? There are four areas to consider when formulating a superior engine assembly lube. It must offer an ability to cling to engine components. It must also protect an engine’s metal surfaces from friction and wear during initial startup. Next, it is imperative during long periods of engine rebuilding that metal surfaces are protected from corrosion and rust. The final necessary feature is that the assembly lube must dissolve in the oil during initial startup so as not to clog oil ports or form deposits in any new or rebuilt four stroke engine.

This blog post will present what is considered the best assembly lube for engine building, which is manufactured by the leader in synthetic lubrication, AMSOIL.

Characteristics of the Best Assembly Lube for Engine Building

Superior Clingability to Components

An engine assembly lube that clings tenaciously to engine parts such as lifters, cam shaft lobes, etc. will help to minimize friction and wear during initial start up. The process of building or rebuilding an engine is a time consuming process that requires patience and could last for months on end. Protecting all engine components during this long process requires the best assembly lube for engine building that will adhere tenaciously to the engine components for long periods of time. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube is engineered with the finest high VI base stock oils and a specialized tackifier that has amazing clingability to the parts it is applied to.

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Outstanding Friction and Wear Protection

When a newly rebuilt engine is first started up, the engine runs with very low oil pressure, thus exposing engine components such as bearings, lifters, cam shaft lobes, rocker arms, and other components to the potential of undue wear or catastrophic failure. By utilizing assembly lube for engine building, all these engine parts are protected from friction and wear due to the extreme clingability that is imparted onto the metal surfaces.

AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube’s unique chemistry is blended with a generous volume of anti-wear additives that provide additional friction and extreme pressure protection during critical new engine start ups.

AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube.
AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube

Solubility in Oil

Utilizing assembly lubes that are grease based may cause issues such as oil port clogging. If such a grease based assembly lube does not dissolve into the oil during initial engine startup, the possibility of engine failure is real. AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube was engineered so that it effectively will dissolve in oil during initial startup. In fact, oil ports will not clog, but stay clean. This dissolvability property goes a long way in eliminating the possibility of any deposits forming in the oil pan or under the valve covers. This “dissolves in oil” feature makes it the best assembly lube for engine building.

Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

When building an engine, many of the components may sit on the bench for long periods of time. They could be exposed to oxygen and moisture, which may lead to rust and corrosion on any metal surfaces. It is vital these engine components stay protected from rust and corrosion. Without a doubt, AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube’s unique chemistry utilizes the absolute finest corrosion and rust inhibitors. You can be sure that once engine parts have been lubricated with AMSOIL’s Engine Assembly Lube, they will now have long term protection from rust and corrosion.

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Ease of Use

As an engine builder, it would be helpful to have an assembly lube that offers precise and easy application. The engineering and chemistry department at AMSOIL set out to create such a product. AMSOIL’s Engine Assembly Lube comes in an easy to use 4 ounce tube. The tube offers extremely precise applications without waste or mess. Compared to other competitive products, it is a much cleaner lubricant to use.

AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube has been engineered for use in any rebuilt or new four cycle engine. It also has found a home in many performance and racing engine building shops across North America. Be sure to apply this lube to all critical engine components that may be exposed to any initial start up wear.

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In summary, here are the following reasons why AMSOIL has engineered the best assembly lube for engine building: 1) it clings to engine components with a tenacity unlike anything else, 2) it is formulated with an extra amount of high performance anti-wear additives, 3) it will dissolve in oil during initial start up, 4) it offers the finest in long term rust and corrosion protection, and 5) it is engineered for any four stroke motor, which includes racing and high performance motors.

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