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Freightliner* Differential Oil Type

For the discerning over-the-road truck owner/operator seeking to upgrade to a better Freightliner* Differential Oil Type, it is time to examine AMSOIL’s innovatively formulated Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube.

75W-90 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube.
AMSOIL 75W-90 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube

Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube from AMSOIL is a gear oil that was designed to preserve differential gears better and last many times longer than traditional gear oils.

This proprietary AMSOIL formulation of the finest quality synthetic base oils and premium additives resists the formation of varnish, carbon, and acid due to oxidative degradation.

80W-140 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube.
AMSOIL 80W-140 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube

There is less wear and tear on your Freightliner*’s differential and it lasts longer.

AMSOIL’s Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube delivers amazing shear stability and is effective in lowering friction.

It is fuel efficient and is able to stay within its viscosity grade even after long periods of use, preventing wear as effectively as possible.

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AMSOIL’s Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube is great for use year-round because to its high temperature stability and strong cold-temperature fluidity qualities.

Reduced maintenance expenses and longer equipment life are also benefits of using AMSOIL’s Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube.

Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube was developed by AMSOIL’s forward-thinking scientists for prolonged drain intervals of up to 500,000 miles (805,000 kilometers,) which is the standard that is established by equipment manufacturers for over-the-road vehicles such as Freightliner*.

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Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube from AMSOIL was formulated specifically for use in differentials; however, it is also capable of being used successfully in manual gearboxes and a variety of other gear applications.

This heavy-duty, 100% synthetic gear oil helps prevent bearing and gear wear by creating a long-lasting protective coating between metal components, which prevents metal components from coming into direct touch with one another.

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The purpose of our blog post titled Freightliner* Differential Oil Type was to provide readers with a unique perspective on how transitioning to a high performance synthetic gear oil would provide differentials with superior benefits compared to conventional gear oils.

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