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A Technical Deep Dive: Synthetic Oil Benefits for the 2024 Volvo* V60*


When it comes to maintaining the optimal performance of your 2024 Volvo* V60* 2.0L 4-cyl Engine Code B4204T57 Turbo, choosing the right motor oil is crucial. Synthetic oils have gained significant popularity for their numerous benefits over conventional oils. In this article, we will delve into the specific advantages of synthetic oil for your 2024 Volvo* V60* and why products like AMSOIL can be a game-changer for your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency.

Understanding Synthetic Motor Oils

Traditional motor oils often contain molecules of varying sizes and unwanted materials like wax. This composition necessitates more energy for circulation within the engine, potentially impacting fuel economy negatively. On the contrary, leading manufacturers like AMSOIL specialize in crafting synthetic motor oils with molecularly uniform base oils that glide effortlessly, devoid of unwanted materials. This unique formulation minimizes energy lost to friction, thereby maximizing fuel efficiency.

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The 2024 Volvo* V60* is equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with Engine Code B4204T57, featuring a turbo for enhanced performance. The recommended motor oil type for this vehicle is 0W-20, ensuring optimal lubrication and engine efficiency. When conducting an oil change, it is advised to use 6.4 quarts of oil, which includes filling the oil filter. This specific oil capacity is crucial for maintaining the engine’s health and longevity by providing sufficient lubrication to all moving parts.

AMSOIL 0W-20 LS 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil

SAE 0W-20 LS Synthetic European Motor Oil.
AMSOIL 0W-20 LS 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil

AMSOIL 0W-20 LS 100% Synthetic European Motor Oil is a prime example of cutting-edge lubrication technology that goes above and beyond. Crafted to meet and often exceed rigorous European manufacturer specifications, this oil boasts shear-stable synthetic base oils and top-notch anti-wear additives. It effectively resists deposit formation, provides cooling for turbochargers, offers exceptional protection in high-temperature environments, ensures reliable performance over extended drain intervals, and features a low pour point that safeguards turbochargers from oil starvation in subzero conditions.

Enhancing Performance with Gas Treatment

PI Performance Improver.
AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver Gasoline Additive

In addition to using high-quality synthetic oil, enhancing your 2024 Volvo* V60*’s performance can be further improved by employing gas treatments like AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver Gasoline Additive. This additive has been designed to enhance fuel economy, restore up to 14% of horsepower, prevent carbon build-up, and control pre-ignition knocks, ensuring that your engine operates at its peak efficiency.


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Investing in synthetic oil like AMSOIL for your 2024 Volvo* V60* is a wise decision that can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency. By leveraging the advanced technology and superior formulations offered by synthetic oils, you can enjoy a smoother driving experience while prolonging the life of your engine. Don’t overlook the impact of quality lubricants and additives when it comes to caring for your vehicle – your Volvo* V60* deserves nothing but the best.

Make the right choice for your 2024 Volvo* V60* – opt for synthetic oils and experience the difference in performance and protection!

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