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Welcome to Best Engine Oil in the World! As an AMSOIL Independent Dealer, we’ll provide interesting and helpful information concerning the best engine oil in the world, AMSOIL.

As the first synthetic engine oil, AMSOIL outperformed traditional or conventional petroleum based engine oils in all pertinent performance parameters. From the very beginning, this unique and groundbreaking motor oil would play a key role in the life of an engine and how it performed.

Fast forward and today, almost every engine oil manufacturer recognizes how synthetic lubricants are simply better and they have followed the leader, AMSOIL, by introducing their own synthetic engine oils. With that said, accept no substitutes, because the fact of the matter is that AMSOIL is The First in Synthetics® .

For almost 50 years, the brand AMSOIL has signified the best performance, value, and protection to countless vehicle owners. AMSOIL synthetic oils have time and time again proven to outperform other brands. Worldwide, the brand AMSOIL is respected for their superior ability to perform and protect.

AMSOIL’s innovative philosophy has not only established that they are The First in Synthetics® , but also over the years created many other firsts, such as;

  • First API Rated 100% Synthetic Engine Oil
  • First to establish the idea and coin the phrase of “Extended Drain Intervals” with a recommended 25,000 mile (40, 000 km) 1 years drain interval
  • First synthetic engine oil for diesel motors
  • First synthetic engine oil for racing motors
  • First synthetic engine oil for turbo-charged motors
  • First synthetic engine oil for marine motors
  • First synthetic gear oil for automotive usage
  • First 100:1 pre-mix synthetic two stroke oil
  • First synthetic AFT fluid for automotive usage.

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Engineered, Manufactured, and Packaged in the USA

AMSOIL Inc. completely captures and embodies the epitome of the American ideals of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship. Al Amatuzio, owner and founder of AMSOIL, had a vision 50 years ago and through persistence and hard work grew the company into the respected world leader in synthetic oil engineering. Of course, there was always the temptation to follow other companies in their pursuit to save money by manufacturing products in other countries. On the other hand, AMSOIL has always been committed to designing, formulation, manufacturing, and packaging their synthetic oils totally within the United States.

AMSOIL: Superior Engine Protection

As the best engine oil in the world, AMSOIL offers superior engine wear protection. AMSOIL synthetic engine oils are engineered to establish a tough film of oil that delivers armor-like protection for hard working motors. This durable oil film can handle the most extreme conditions, such as high heat. Its ability to protect engines from wear and heat is second to none. AMSOIL engine oils allow motors to perform at the highest levels of efficiency and are designed to extend engine service life.

Outstanding Resistance to Oxidation

AMSOIL synthetic engine oils have been engineered to offer superior resistance to oxidation and resistance to any sludge formation. By resisting oxidation, engines not only are consistently allowed to work properly, but they maintain maximum cleanliness. In addition, they are resistant to any thickening, thus allowing the oil to deliver the best in wear protection.

Thermal Stability

Conventional engine oils tend to volatilize and burn off when engines reach normal operating temperatures. This boiling off of the oil increases oil consumption and creates harmful engine deposits to form, leading to a reduction in wear protection and lower fuel economy. Being the best engine oil in the world means only using the finest thermally stable, full synthetic base stock oils. These high performance synthetic base stock oils are highly resistant to high heat breakdown, delivering cleanliness, dramatic reduction in oil consumption, and allowing the maximum efficiency in the running of motors.

Superior Fluidity

AMSOIL 100% synthetic engine oils offer low pour points. This means that they stay fluid in very cold sub-zero temperatures. Offering the ability to flow in cold temperatures means much easier cold weather starts, plus this sub-zero fluidity means that the oil rapidly flows throughout the engine for fast and quick engine protection. Note that is has been established that 80% of engine wear occurs during cold, dry starts. Utilizing AMSOIL synthetic engine oils will mean a dramatic drop in engine wear during cold starts due to the oil’s ability to flow quickly and provide immediate lubrication to all critical engine parts.

AMSOIL Saves Money!

AMSOIL was the first to create the concept of “Extended Drain Intervals”. When all car manufacturers were recommending 3,000 miles per drain interval, AMSOIL was touting the innovative and visionary concept of changing your oil every 25,000 miles. Back in the day, that was considered an outlandish concept. Yet, as a pioneer in high performance synthetic engine oils, AMSOIL was way ahead of their time, but also could deliver the performance needed to reach those extended drain interval recommendations. All AMSOIL synthetic engine oils are designed and engineered to provide maximum protection. Certain specific AMSOIL engine oils deliver such superior protection, you can easily extend drain intervals if you decide to. This oil’s ability to perform for extended periods of time gives you the option to change the oil on your own schedule, reduce maintenance, and reduce waste oil. By changing your oil less frequently, you will end up with more money in your pocket plus a savings in your valuable time. Most importantly, you will ultimately experience longer engine life.

Only the best engine oil in the world, AMSOIL, delivers the type of performance and protection necessary for extended drain intervals.

Enhanced Fuel Economy

AMSOIL chemists have engineered unique synthetic engine oils that utilize state of the art synthetic base stock oils and additives that deliver amazing benefits. For example, these engine oils utilize proprietary combinations of synthetic base stocks along with one of a kind friction modifying anti-wear additives that work synergistically to vastly reduce friction and wear inside engines.

By reducing friction, not only is performance and protection improved, but also since the engine works more efficiently, less fuel is consumed. By reducing the resistance to internal moving engine parts, the engine is able to operate more efficiently, and thus deliver improved fuel mileage economy.

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AMSOIL Offers Environmental Benefits

Due to AMSOIL’s extended drain intervals, AMSOIL can deliver a reduction in the generation of waste oil. An important step in creating a cleaner nation is to reduce the source of pollutants. As the innovative leader in extended drain intervals, AMSOIL has helped change the mindset of not only car manufacturers, but motorists as well, by pioneering the concept of changing your oil every 25,000 miles, rather than the traditional 3,000 miles drain intervals that were established by the majority of car manufacturers.

By embracing AMSOIL’s concept of extended drain intervals, motor oil pollution can be reduced up to 8 times versus the old 3,000 mile drain interval standard.

Year in and year out, millions upon millions of gallons of engine oil are burned and expelled in the form of air pollution out the tailpipes of automobiles and trucks. Conventional or traditional oils burn off or volatize more easily than high performance AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL’s intent was always and still is to formulate and engineer synthetic engine oils that are highly resistant to high temperature volatility and burn off, so as to help vastly reduce damaging air pollution. Their visionary philosophy and ideals have helped establish AMSOIL to be one of the leaders in environmental conservation.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Engine Oil

Maybe you know that synthetic oils outperform conventional oils, but you might not know or understand why. Synthetics do not have the molecular irregularities and impurities naturally found in conventional oils. Synthetics are engineered to have pure and uniform molecular structures. These uniform molecular structures deliver properties that offer superior wear protection, extreme temperature performance, and fuel economy efficiencies that traditional or conventional oils simply cannot match.

The fact of the matter is that synthetics have a superiority in terms of helping you save money and allowing your vehicle to perform more efficiently and to last much longer than what conventional oils can deliver.

Not only is AMSOIL manufacturing the finest synthetic engine oils in the world, they also formulate and manufacture a full line of high performance lubricants and products, such as diesel oil, motorcycle oil, transmission fluid, gear lube, hydraulic fluid, grease, compressor oil, two stroke oil, four stroke oil, oil filters, air filters, fuel additives, spray lubes, injector cleaners, engine cleaners, and shock/fork fluids. All of these products are engineered and manufactured with the same philosophy: to outperform and deliver superior value and benefits to the end user.

The best engine oil in the world should consist of pure synthetic base stock oils with a uniform molecular structure. This engine oil should provide a tenacious and tough microscopic film that keeps metal surfaces separated so they do not touch and cause wear. This film should be very durable and resilient. The best engine oil in the world should provide superior fluidity during cold temperatures. To be considered the best oil in the world, it should withstand very high engine temperatures. Such an oil should deliver maximum fuel economy. It is important that it not volatilize and radically reduce oil consumption, and finally, it should offer some environmental conservation benefits. Considering all those factors and potential benefits, the only oil that fits every one of those parameters is AMSOIL. AMSOIL, The First in Synthetics®, is truly the best engine oil in the world!


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