What is the Best Synthetic Oil on the Market for Earth Moving Machinery?

Construction outfits have a lot of money invested in their earth moving machinery. They must be properly maintained so that they are able to operate efficiently without the worry of downtime. Keeping those hard-working earth movers in tip-top shape requires a rigorous and careful preventative maintenance program. One area that needs careful attention and can provide huge benefits concerns lubrication.

You may wonder what is the best synthetic oil on the market for earth moving machinery. The following provides some insight into that topic. The word earth mover perfectly describes what these heavy pieces of equipment actually do. There are many different methods for moving dirt and rocks and other earthen materials from one area to another. There are many different types of earth moving equipment that are typically found at a construction site.

In this brief summary of earth moving equipment, we’ll talk about the bulldozer. Bulldozers, also known as dozers, are diesel tractors that have high-powered engines that utilize a continuous track similar to a tank. They also are designed with a hydraulic blade in the front. Utilizing this continuous track is the perfect way to move earth over a myriad of terrains.

The bulldozer has a simple design and is engineered to perform one critical function. That is to push mountains of dirt around. It is also extremely effective at moving large rocks, waste, and brush, along with whatever stands in its way. It is not simply a one-trick pony, but because of its incredible power, it can also be called upon to move other pieces of heavy equipment, trailers, large tools, etc.

Earth Moving Machinery Preventative Maintenance Program

Establishing a proper maintenance program for your hard-working earth moving machinery is critical to minimizing downtime, staying ahead of schedule, and saving maintenance and repair costs. There are two philosophies when it comes to equipment maintenance. One can have a reactive approach that oftentimes ends up increasing downtime and having a negative impact on profits. By foregoing a more organized maintenance program, taking a reactive approach can be risky, especially if projects are time-sensitive. Having one piece of equipment down due to repairs caused by negligence can be disastrous, not only for meeting deadlines but also causing customer frustration and impacting profits.

A safer and more productive approach is to create a preventative maintenance program. This proactive approach involves setting a predetermined schedule for checking and changing oil, inspecting and lubricating critical components, and regularly cleaning your earth moving machinery. By following this proactive preventative maintenance program, downtime events are vastly reduced, which leads to other benefits such as reduced costs and meeting tight deadlines.

Conventional Lubricants vs Synthetics

When trying to understand what is the best synthetic oil on the market for earth moving machinery, we must first analyze the difference between conventional and synthetic lubricants. Petroleum-based oils come from crude oil in the ground. Crude oil is then put through a series of rigorous processes to remove unwanted contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and metal components like vanadium and nickel. No matter how many times crude oil is refined, it is impossible to extract out these unwanted contaminants. At the end of the day, brand new conventional lubricants inherently start out with unwanted contaminants, which will ultimately cause issues.

Not only do regular oils contain unwanted contaminants, but they also contain wax. Wax becomes a performance issue when temperatures drop. This wax causes conventional lubricants to thicken up during cold temperatures. This is a major concern due to the fact that 80% of wear occurs when earth moving machinery is first started up. As temperatures become cold, oil thickens and flows too slowly to offer the needed protection during cold dry starts. Another negative fact that impacts how regular lubricants flow concerns their molecular structure.

Mineral base stock oils are made up of a dissimilar molecular structure. These different-sized molecules have a difficult time flowing smoothly and easily over each other. This causes fluid friction. Fluid friction creates heat and over time this heat slowly degrades the conventional lubricant.

The other type of fluid available to heavy equipment operators are synthetic lubricants. Unlike conventional lubricants, synthetic oils are chemically made in the laboratory. They are carefully engineered to be pure and completely devoid of any unwanted contaminants. Additionally, these pure 100% synthetic base stock oils are engineered with a uniform molecular structure. Significantly, these same-sized molecules flow without any fluid friction and quickly travel to critical component parts during cold dry startups.

Switching from conventional lubricants to 100% pure synthetics will vastly reduce that 80% of wear that occurs when earth moving machinery utilizes conventional oils. Switching to synthetics immediately helps you extend equipment life and protect your expensive machinery. The fact that synthetics are free of any wax makes them a superior lubricant during cold weather. In terms of how they operate in hot temperatures, they are very thermally-stable and will not thin out when exposed to extreme heat.

Let’s get right to the point: what is the best synthetic oil on the market for earth moving machinery? There are many competent players in the lubricant manufacturing industry. Most are competent at the blending and manufacturing of lubricants for machinery. With that said, there is only one manufacturer that stands out from the crowd. For over 48 years, AMSOIL is considered the leader in the manufacturing of high-performance synthetic oils. In fact, in 1972, they were the very first lubricant manufacturer in the world to create the first synthetic motor oil that met American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements.

After vigorous testing, it was found to outperform conventional oils in all areas and brought in a new paradigm in lubrication science. They were ahead of their time and they still are the trend-setting lubricant manufacturer. AMSOIL has established many firsts when it comes to synthetic lubrication. When it comes to earth moving machinery, they offer state-of-the-art technology that delivers real benefits.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease, NLGI #2

This is the quintessential high-performance grease for bulldozers. It is formulated with robust volumes of molybdenum disulfide (moly) at levels of 5%. Utilizing 5% moly gives this amazing grease the ability to withstand extreme pressure and vastly reduces friction and wear.

  • Superior adhesive and cohesive capabilities (clings to metal)
  • Designed to resist shock loads and extreme pressure
  • Superior water washout capabilities
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Extends grease and equipment life
AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease, NLGI #2.
AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease, NLGI #2

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-30

  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Provides 6 times more wear protection
  • Maintains proper viscosity thickness
  • Enhances fuel efficiency
  • Superior extreme pressure protection
  • Outstanding performance over extreme temperature ranges
AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-30.
AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 5W-30

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost

  • Enhances cetane by up to 8 points
  • Effectively cleans dirty injectors
  • Provides enhanced power and efficiency
  • Enhances fuel economy by up to 8%
  • Guards against corrosion and rust in fuel systems
  • Increases fuel filter life
  • Free of alcohol
  • Engineered for safe use in all diesel fuels
  • Reduces wear in pumps and injectors
AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost.
AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean + Cetane Boost

If you’re looking for ways to save money and reduce downtime in your heavy equipment operation, you first need to learn what is the best synthetic oil on the market for earth moving machinery. Hopefully the information provided the knowledge you need to answer that question. Consider switching to AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants. Their 48 years of experience in the heavy equipment industry have proven their lubricants capable of providing the finest protection in any earth moving machinery and they have helped many heavy equipment operators reduce downtime and save in maintenance and repair costs. Join the team of AMSOIL users and your earth moving machinery will thank you for it!

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