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Transform Your Mazda* CX-90*’s Performance with Synthetic Oil

When it comes to maintaining your Mazda* CX-90*, choosing the right oil isn’t just a small detail—it’s a crucial decision that influences your vehicle’s performance and longevity. The Mazda* CX-90*, a standout in automotive innovation and design, offers powerful engine options that deserve the best in lubrication technology. This article dives into why synthetic oil, particularly AMSOIL 0W-20 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil, is your best choice for ensuring that your CX-90* performs at its peak and lasts for many miles to come.

AMSOIL 0W-20 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil

Engine Options for Mazda* CX-90*

The Mazda* CX-90* comes with two robust engine options, each designed to deliver exceptional power and efficiency.

2.5L Inline 4-Cylinder Plug-In Hybrid Engine

This engine is a real powerhouse, boasting 323 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and an impressive 369 lb-ft of torque at just 4,000 rpm. With 16 valves and a double overhead cam (DOHC), it features cutting-edge variable valve timing and direct injection systems. This setup is complemented by an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, enhancing the driving experience with smooth power delivery and superior control.

3.3L Inline 6-Cylinder Mild Hybrid Turbo Engine

Step up to the 3.3L engine if you’re looking for even more muscle. This engine cranks out 280 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 332 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm. Like its sibling, it includes a 24-valve DOHC setup with variable valve timing and direct injection. This engine also pairs with an 8-speed shiftable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, ensuring that power meets the pavement efficiently.

PI Performance Improver.
AMSOIL P.i.® Performance Improver Gasoline Additive

Importance of Using the Right Oil for Mazda* CX-90*

To get the most out of these impressive engines, using the correct oil isn’t just recommended; it’s essential.

0W-20 Oil Requirement

Both engines of the Mazda* CX-90* require 0W-20 oil, but not just any 0W-20 will do. For peak performance and maximum engine life, the oil needs to cater specifically to the high demands of hybrid and turbocharged engines. This is where the benefits of a top-tier synthetic oil become undeniable.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil for Mazda* CX-90*

Miracle Wash.
AMSOIL Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray

Opting for AMSOIL 0W-20 100% Synthetic Hybrid Motor Oil provides several key advantages:

Superior Sludge and Deposit Control

You want your engine clean, right? Synthetic oil excels in keeping harmful sludge and deposits at bay. This means your engine’s internals are protected, allowing it to operate more efficiently and with less wear over time.

Maximum Fuel Economy and Corrosion Protection

With its refined molecular structure, synthetic oil reduces friction significantly, which translates to better fuel economy—a must in today’s economy. Plus, it protects against corrosion, a common enemy in engines, thereby extending the life of your CX-90*’s heart.

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Trusted by Professional Engine Builders

When the pros put their trust in a product, you know it’s a safe bet. AMSOIL is renowned for its rigorous testing and quality, garnering endorsements from professional engine builders who demand the best.

Extended Protection Guarantee

Engine Maintenance banner.

Knowing you’re covered for 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, provides peace of mind. With AMSOIL’s extended protection guarantee, you won’t just feel the difference in your ride; you’ll also appreciate the less frequent need for oil changes.

In conclusion, investing in high-quality synthetic oil for your Mazda* CX-90* isn’t just spending money—it’s about investing in your vehicle’s future. The benefits of using synthetic oil extend beyond mere performance; they translate into tangible, long-term perks for your engine’s health and efficiency. Don’t just drive your CX-90*—empower it with the right oil and watch it surpass performance expectations, mile after mile.

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