Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the various qualities of a tractor hydraulic fluid. Tractor hydraulic fluid is sometimes known as universal tractor fluid or universal tractor hydraulic transmission oil. Tractor hydraulic fluid is formulated to lubricate and function in farm tractors that have a common sump for the transmission, hydraulic systems, wet brakes, power takeoff systems, and final drives of that tractor. This fluid is specifically engineered to withstand and perform in the difficult environments and applications found in heavy-duty farm and industrial equipment. It also finds a home in many commercial and residential lawn tractors and can also work perfectly for long tractor hydrostatic transmissions. The common viscosity of a tractor hydraulic fluid is an SAE 5W30.

Since we are partial to synthetic-based lubricants due to their overall superiority of performance in so many different areas over conventional oils, for this blog post we will present as an example of a quality tractor hydraulic fluid AMSOIL’s Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic / Transmission Oil SAE 5W30. This universal tractor fluid is the perfect oil to present the various features and benefits that a quality tractor hydraulic fluid should provide and deliver. AMSOIL’s Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic Oil utilizes a proprietary blend of synthetic base stock oils in conjunction with their unique additive chemistry. The two together work synergistically to resist heat, reduce wear, protect against rust, and deliver extended fluid and equipment service life.

Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30.
Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30

Through the use of the finest synthetic base stock oils and additives, AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic / Transmission Oil effectively performs over an extended range of temperatures. AMSOIL chemists have specifically chosen synthetic base stock oils with high viscosity indexes. They purposefully are able to provide maximum lubricity during high operating temperatures for maximum wear protection. Also, they offer superior flowability at sub-zero temperatures all the way down to -58 degrees F for outstanding equipment operation at these low sub-zero temperatures.

This tractor hydraulic fluid not only meets but far exceeds the viscosity specification requirements for all-weather performance for the following two OEMs: Case New Holland 3525 and 3526 (formerly Ford New Holland FNHA-2-C-200 and 2-C-201) and John Deere J20C and J20D. By exceeding these specifications. By AMSOIL exceeding these specifications, the owner/operator is able to eliminate the need for seasonal oil changes. This translates to real savings in time and money.

One of the important areas that a quality tractor hydraulic fluid can help provide solutions to the owner/operator is when dealing with any wet brake issues, specifically brake chatter. Lower quality conventional tractor hydraulic fluids tend to break down and cause vibrations and wet brake chatter. Due to the high performance, friction modifier additives used in AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic / Transmission Oil, wet brake chatter is effectively suppressed.

Not only does this tractor hydraulic fluid suppress brake chatter, but it is purposely formulated to provide long term frictional stability and smooth brake operation. There are many applications where a high-quality tractor hydraulic fluid can be used. It is typically recommended for equipment with a combination of hydraulic systems, transmissions, power takeoff systems, final drives, and wet brakes all sharing the same oil sump. These types of equipment also require a hydraulic transmission oil that can operate in a broad range of temperatures, from hot to cold. Rember, synthetic base stock oils are far superior over conventional fluids when discussing temperatures. They withstand hot and cold temperatures far better than conventional base stock oils.

AMSOIL Tractor Hydraulic / Transmission Oil can be used in farm tractors and equipment, off-road equipment, forklift trucks, lawn tractor hydrostatic transmissions, golf course mower hydrostatic systems, and certain 4×4 ATV models that utilize wet brake differentials.

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Benefits

Next, let’s look at some of the important features and benefits that an owner/operator can expect from a quality tractor hydraulic fluid from a company like AMSOIL.

The first feature is its ability to be used in many universal applications. By having one product with broad capabilities, you benefit by minimizing misapplications and you save money through inventory consolidation.

The next feature is that it comes as a multi-viscosity fluid. The common viscosity for a universal tractor fluid is an SAE 5W30. This multi-viscosity feature delivers benefits such as an ability to provide both hot and cold weather protection. Also, you reduce the need for having to change your fluid due to seasonal temperatures changes.

Another important feature in this synthetic tractor hydraulic fluid is the use of stable friction modifier additives. This feature delivers the following benefits: it controls and suppresses wet brake chatter, offers smooth operation, delivers correct and decisive multi-disk/clutch operation, and because of its use of pure synthetic base stock oils and heavy-duty additives, the owner/operator can expect extended oil and equipment life.

The next feature found in this tractor hydraulic fluid is the use of seal and hose conditioners. These two conditioners contribute towards reducing blown hoses, help in reducing oil leaks, provide compatibility with all-steel materials, provide flexibility for both hoses and seals, and give positive seal seating. You can also expect a longer hose and seal life.

Another important feature is this synthetic tractor hydraulic fluid contains superior anti-wear additives. These high-performance additives help in increasing pump and valve life, as well as protecting gears from scouring and wear under extreme load conditions. Equipment life is extended even under extreme operating conditions. This additive package can be used in final drives specifying for a UTTO, or universal tractor transmission oil.

Another useful and helpful feature is the use of oxidation inhibitors. Not only are the 100% pure synthetic base stock oils delivering superior oxidation resistance over conventional oils, AMSOIL formulates into the fluid heavy duty oxidation inhibitors. The end result is a tractor hydraulic fluid that delivers outstanding resistance to oil degradation even in extremely high temperatures. Additionally, since this oil is extremely resistant to oxidation, one can expect extended lubricant and equipment service life.

The last feature is the use of anti-foam additives. These anti-foam additives reduce the possibility of foaming, which can cause temperatures to soar. These anti-foam additives will vastly reduce operating temperatures and they deliver rapid air release. These specialized additives provide smoother brake operation by controlling and eliminating any foaming. This fluid eliminates fading and spongy hydraulic response.

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