High Zinc Oil for Classic Cars

On the road and in the garage, AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil is a high zinc oil for classic cars that goes above and beyond to protects engines and improve performance.

Bringing your antique car or hot rod out of storage is a thrilling experience for collectors. For several, it signifies the end of a long winter or time of inactivity in which their beloved automobile was kept undercover in the garage.

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Why is AMSOIL Z-ROD® the Best High Zinc Oil for Classic Cars?

Corrosion damages engines while they are stored. AMSOIL Z-ROD® prevents that!

Due to humidity and moisture from changes in ambient temperature, rust or corrosion may have developed on engine parts during that period. Rust and corrosion are just as bad for an engine as sludge is. It can flake off metal and contaminate the oil with wear-causing particles, scouring bearings, cam lobes, and other components until the filter can catch them.

AMSOIL creates anti-corrosion lubricants

It has powerful rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect the inside of your engine during storage, ensuring that it will be ready to go when you are. To keep metal components clean, special inhibitors must be added to the formulation. Not all motor oils have enough rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines healthy for long periods of time.

ZDDP has been added for extra wear protection

Flat-tappet cams, which are popular in vintage cars and hot rods, present an additional challenge that some motor oils aren’t designed to address. Because of their shape, they are particularly prone to wear. The tappet, or lifter, is flat, as the name implies. During engine operation, the cam lobe’s surface slides rapidly over the tappet’s surface, causing high friction and temperatures. The camshaft and lifters are in charge of activating the valvetrain’s finely tuned movements. The use of anti-wear additives becomes critical in this situation.

ZDDP (zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate) is a popular motor oil additive that protects against wear and reduces lubricant breakdown. Extreme-pressure protection is also an inherent characteristic of  ZDDP. ZDDP decomposes as engine temperatures increase, and the chemistry that results does an excellent job at protecting critical metal surfaces.

The issue is common among classic car and hot-rod owners since most V-8 engines from the muscle car era came standard with flat-tappet cams.

Modern oils aren’t designed to address this problem. They have lower levels of ZDDP due to their proclivity to damage catalytic converters. As a result, a high-ZDDP oil formulated especially for vintage cars and hot rods, like AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil, is recommended. It is available in three viscosities: 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50.

Why Should I Use Synthetic Oil Over Conventional Oil?

While you may know that synthetic oils exceed conventional oils, you may not understand why. The impurities and molecule irregularities associated with conventional oils are not presented in synthetic lubricants. The pure, consistent molecular designs of synthetics result in wear-protection properties, extreme temperature efficiency, and fuel-efficient lubricants that can’t be beaten by inferior conventional oils. This helps you save money by providing better-running and longer-lasting vehicles.

Metal surfaces in your engine are separated from touching and causing wear by just a microscopic layer of oil. Because of their resilient base oils, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils form a more stable fluid film than traditional oils. They help you extend the life of your engine by reducing wear.

In traditional oils, the base oils contain molecules of various sizes and weights, as well as undesirable materials such as wax. This usually necessitates more energy to flow in your engine, lowering fuel efficiency. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, on the other hand, are made with molecularly uniform synthetic base oils that blend easily and are free of unnecessary materials. They aid in reducing frictional energy loss and maximizing fuel economy.

Benefits of AMSOIL Z-ROD® Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Z-ROD® is an excellent high zinc oil for classic cars specifically designed to protect and increase performance in your prized classic vehicles. To preserve your passion, offer optimum efficiency, and keep your classic engine free of rust and corrosion in storage, this product contains high levels of ZDDP, top-tier additives, and rust inhibitors.

Flat-tappet cams are protected

  •  Contains a high concentration of ZDDP to support lifters, flat-tappet cams, rockers, and other areas that are prone to high levels of wear
  • The high-zinc, high-phosphorus formulation offers the additional wear resistance needed by splash-lubricated components
  • Combats wear to aid in the prevention of compression failure, allowing for optimum horsepower.

Prevents rust & corrosion

  • Contains a proprietary combination of corrosion and rust inhibitors to provide optimum engine protection while your classic car is being stored for long periods of time
  • Corrosion and rust are prevented in industry-standard evaluation (ASTM D1748-10) for excellent motor durability and protection.

Superior rust resistance

  • AMSOIL Z-ROD® totally avoided rust forming in industry-standard trials, while a leading rival did not. A
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil.
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil.
AMSOIL Z-ROD® 20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil

ᴬ Based upon in-house testing of AMSOIL Z-ROD 10W-40 and a leading competitor obtained on 7/25/2019 in ASTM D1748-10.

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