Do It Yourself Lawn Care Steps

Summertime is approaching, and before you know it, you’ll be out in the yard, enjoying the heat, firing up the BBQ, and playing games with the family. Now is the pivotal moment to ensure that your backyard and front yard look their absolute best all season long. In this law maintenance guide, we’ll go over some amazing do it yourself lawn care steps to ensure you get the most enviable lawn in your area.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Steps: Lawn Care Basics

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Time to tackle spring cleaning in the yard

It’s important to scoop up all of the debris and leaves off of the lawn during your spring cleaning. Check to see that the grass is rather dry and that the snow/frost has completed melted. When the growing season begins, lightly rake over any spots where you observe winter kill (look especially for snow mold thatch) to help the lawn regenerate faster.

Aeration is key

Aeration, whether achieved in the spring or autumn, is an absolutely crucial step for properly maintaining your lawn. Aeration improves irrigation, encourages natural nutrients to return to the ground, and stimulates fresh root growth by breaking up the layer of thatch on the surface of the soil.

After complete aeration, you can over-seed your lawn if you like. It’s crucial to stay away from raking up soil plugs. You want these soil plugs to decompose on their own over time. This usually only takes a few weeks, depending on the kind of soil you have in your yard and the current weather patterns.

Keep those lawnmower blades super sharp!

The sharpness of mower blades is something that many homeowners tend to forget about. Mower blades that have become rusty and blunt lead the grass plant’s tips to fray and eventually develop a brown color. As a result, the lawn becomes more disease-prone. If you don’t ride over any branches, stones, or other types of debris, it’s suggested that you sharpen your lawnmower blades twice throughout each season.

Get out the weed control and fertilizer!

One of the most essential lawn care steps in the spring is to provide your lawn with the fertilizer it needs, as well as with the proper weed control treatments.

Lawns require a range of food stocks, which are added every 4-6 weeks on average. When it comes to weed prevention, liquid solutions are preferable to granular treatments. The issue with granular pellets is that it is difficult to determine their precise location. They are frequently seen ending up on landscaping beds, driveways, and sidewalks. Granular is considered the “old school” method of application and many people think it is the best way to apply fertilizer in a slow-release fashion.

If you’re using a liquid, ensure that a nitrogen stabilizer is poured into the tank mixture. When doing this, we suggest recruiting a qualified expert.

Get it done right with a trained pro

Be certain that any pro you hire to work in your yard is properly and fully insured. This removes any responsibility for you as the homeowner if anything goes wrong. If you contract a landscaping agency to apply weed control and fertilizer, ensure that they are licensed and certified in your state. Summertime doesn’t last long, so employing a specialist enables you to simply enjoy both your lawn and your summer. Still, with the right equipment, and the right equipment maintenance program, doing many of these tasks yourself can not only save your money but be fun and easy as well!

Take care of your equipment so you can take care of your lawn!

We’d like to add an additional lawn maintenance tip: use AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and fuel additives in your lawnmower, string trimmer, and other lawn machinery. Lawn maintenance becomes much smoother and more fun when the machine you’re utilizing to take care of your lawn starts and works consistently. AMSOIL lubricants save you countless hours spent tinkering with a troublesome, improperly running engine.

Benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil 10W-30
AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil 10W-30

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil, designed to surpass light truck/passenger car oils, defends against deposits, wear, and the consumption of oil in overburdened, inadequately maintained small engines that professionals depend on to earn money.

Engine reliability is critical, whether you’re running a viable landscaping enterprise or just simply a DIY homeowner, but most traditional small-engine oils on the market are simply re-packaged automotive lubricants designed for fuel efficiency rather than toughness. That just simply isn’t acceptable for your landscaping equipment.

Small engines run at much hotter temperatures, work under maximum stress from heavy loads, produce more oil-degrading pollutants, suffer from insufficient upkeep, and are subjected to rain, dirt, snow, and other extreme conditions much more than liquid-cooled car engines. In other words, these small engines put a bigger beating on oil than most people would ever imagine.

AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Small Engine Oil.
AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil is the furthest thing from a re-labeled automotive lubricant. In fact, it was specifically formulated for small engines, with a specific focus on engine reliability. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your small engines are safe even through extended periods of intense use where scheduled maintenance is not a convenient option.

AMSOIL Small Engine Oil is designed to overcome the problems that affect small engines, such as wear, power depletion, oil usage, toxic carbon deposits, and jammed valves and rings, saving you money and helping you to complete more of your pressing landscaping tasks.

5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil
AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil

~ Superior Protection Against Wear

AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil contains a proprietary formula injected with a high volume of anti-wear zinc additives that focuses on high-film strength and shear-stability. This lubricant resists thinning that tends to be the result of mechanical shear, culminating in a dense lubricating film. Its zinc composition creates a long-lasting shield that prevents metal-to-metal interaction.

~ Oil Consumption is Reduced Considerably

In laboratory trials, 10W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil cut oil usage by 61% in comparison to 3 top 10W-30/SAE 30 engine oils.** Its synthetic base stock oils are resistant to heat and have fantastic viscosity stability, decreased volatility, and excellent resistance to oxidation. Motors run for longer periods of time between refills, giving you peace of mind that they won’t crash due to oil depletion and can run reliably even under the most extreme circumstances.

~ Designed for Maximum Power

Engine fatigue, carbon deposits, and piston-ring/valve sticking all limit motor strength. AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine Oil is formulated to keep rings and valves from sticking while also assisting in the prevention of carbon deposits. Therefore, engines provide full power during their service lives, allowing you to do whatever tasks you need to get done in a timely manner.

~ Performs Excellent in Extreme Temperatures

The saturated molecular design of AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil provides exceptional extreme-heat tolerance. Furthermore, AMSOIL has strengthened the lubricant with strong antioxidant additives that offer additional protection from harmful heat. Its effective detergent additives combat varnish, carbon, and sediment to extend motor longevity. The oil’s elevated viscosity index and the fact that it has no paraffins (waxes) means that it stays smooth and flows easily in severe cold, allowing for smoother cold-weather start-ups and faster startup lubrication for decreased wear.

Benefits of SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.
SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

~ Formulated to Fight Carbon Deposits

  • Synthetic base stock oils created with a top-quality formulation burn cleaner than other synthetic and traditional base stock oils
  • Removes deposits of carbon that trigger the sticking of piston rings, the clogging of exhaust ports, and the clogging of spark arrestor screens, resulting in faster start-up and maximized power
  • Improves cleanliness when blended at the SABER Ratio™ of 100:1 vs other oils mixed at a standard 50:1 ratio

~ Cut Costs Substantially

  • As compared to other oils blended at 50:1, using SABER Professional at 100:1 reduces oil spend by 50% or more whilst still providing outstanding protective characteristics
  • Equipment lasts much longer, lowering maintenance costs
  • Increases power and productivity, allowing landscaping staff and homeowners to do more tasks in less time

~ Unparalleled Convenience

  • Smoke and wasteful emissions are reduced, increasing ease of use
  • It also has the added advantage of fuel stability, which helps to save fuel from degrading while storing and creating reduced motor efficiency

Benefits of AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer Fuel Additive

Gasoline Stabilizer.
AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer

Gasoline Stabilizer is the perfect addition to your DIY lawn care program. It allows for smoother startup by preventing fuel deterioration while storing for up to 12 months. To maintain clear storage tanks and fuel systems, it prevents the development of gum and varnish. In ethanol-blended fuel, it is very effective. It is compatible with two- and four-stroke engines, including motorbikes, boats, edgers, ATVs, mowers, snowblowers, snowmobiles, turbines, tillers, cars, trucks, farm equipment, chainsaws, and building machinery.

~ The need for maintenance is reduced

  • By eliminating toxic deposits from accumulating in the fuel and tank system, this fuel additive helps to minimize repair time and costs
  • Gasoline Stabilizer reduces the necessity to replace or clean carburetors after extended storage time
  • Fights dangerous rust to keep the fuel system clean and operational
  • Enhances corrosion defense, which helps to preserve power and efficiency while also maintaining shiny-looing metal even when exposed to saltwater.

~ Keeps equipment running reliably

  • AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer eliminates the need to remove fuel from machinery before storing it for an extended period of time
  • Provides assurance that machinery will not only start when required but will also work properly
  • Provides fuel stabilization, which aids in starting and prevents the forming of gum and varnish

** Based on 125-hour lab tests of small engines using AMSOIL 10W-30 Commercial-Grade Synthetic Small engine Oil and three leading 10W-30/SAE 30 motor oils.

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