Best Way to Prevent Rust on a Car or Truck

Trucks and cars are notorious for rusting, particularly in northern environments where high volumes of road salt are used in the winter. If you’ve had rust issues with your vehicle in the past, you’ll want to do whatever you can to stop rust in the future. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best way to prevent rust on a car or truck. It’s time to get rid of rust and corrosion on your vehicle once and for all!

Stay Away From Road Salt If You Can

Rust is a chemical change in which electrons are exchanged between atoms. Some substances, such as salt, raise moisture conductivity, setting in motion the formation of rust. That is why you’ll notice such a high number of rusted trucks and cars on the road in colder climates. It’s important to try to avoid subjecting your vehicle to road salt as much as possible. If you want to keep your cherished hot rod or show car shiny and protected, keep it in storage until springtime. But this isn’t an option for a regular day-to-day driver, so the following tips can come in handy if storing your vehicle all winter isn’t viable.

Wash Your Truck or Car Frequently to Keep it Rust-Free

This aids in the consistent removal of salt throughout the winter. It also assists in the removal of dirt, caked mud, and other substances that can lock moisture onto metal components and therefore hasten the development of rust.

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In Spring and Autumn, Thoroughly Detail Your Vehicle

Before winter, it’s a good strategy to wash every section of your vehicle that’s exposed. You should repeat this process in the spring and then again prior to the first snowstorm of winter. This has the same advantages as washing the vehicle but provides more thorough cleaning for certain hard-to-reach places.

Add a Durable Undercoat

You could either do this on your own or hire a specialist. The professionals use advanced coatings that outlast many of the products commonly found in stores. After applying an undercoating to your vehicle, you can use AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector to clean up a few places that tend to develop road grime. This high-quality product forms a tough wax-like layer that works to push moisture out and keep rust at bay.

Fix Dents, Nicks, Scrapes, and Dings that Reveal Exposed Metal

The colorful paint on your vehicle isn’t only for good looks; it also prevents the base metal frame from rusting. Rust forms as a result of scrapes, rock chips, and dings that reveal metal. If you’d rather skip taking your vehicle to the body shop, paint over any exposed metal; your ride will look much better without rust. A quality bug guard and a good set of mud flaps can help prevent scrapes and dings from exposure to the elements.

Lay-in Bedliners Should be Removed

Lay-in bedliners will trap dirt and moisture against the bed of the truck, hastening the development of rust. Choose either a spray-in bedliner or simply nothing.

Use Floor Mats Made of Rubber or Plastic

Carpet can trap dirt, water, and salt, hastening the formation of rust. Invest in a good selection of plastic or rubber mats to cover the floor of your vehicle.  These mats also do an excellent job at keeping the carpet clean.

In the Winter, Stay Away from Puddles

These puddles don’t assist with “rinsing” your vehicle. Instead, these puddles are dense pools of salty water that can only make avoiding corrosion on your truck or car more difficult.

AMSOIL Protectants and Cleaners Are the Best Way to Prevent Rust on a Car or Truck

To assist with cleaning the tailgate, doors, and other exposed metal areas, utilize AMSOIL Heavy Duty Metal Protector. Thoroughly clean the area before spraying it with Metal Protector and allow it to dry to protect your vehicle from rust.

As previously stated, Heavy Duty Metal Protector is excellent for places where the undercoating did not reach or where there is a large amount of road grime. It is a liquid spray, allowing it to penetrate hard-to-reach places, and treats these areas with a coating that is wax-like. Since the corrosion-preventing ingredients give HD Metal Protector an amber hue, use it only in places where this color is not a problem.

AMSOIL MP Metal Protector.
AMSOIL MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector

AMSOIL Metal Protector is excellent for lubricating moving components, preventing squeaking, displacing water, freeing frozen components debilitated by rust, and even preventing corrosion and rust not only in regular conditions but in conditions where saltwater is present as well. This product won’t cause gumming within vehicle mechanisms and is a fantastic penetrating oil.

AMSOIL Metal Protector.
AMSOIL Metal Protector

While rust doesn’t occur on plastic, it’s still a good idea to use AMSOIL Mudslinger® to repel dirt, mud, and water while defending from UV rays on plastic trim, wheel wells, and bumper parts. This product can also be used to prevent dead insects from binding to the back of mirrors. This contributes to the general cleanliness of the vehicle, which helps in the broader objective of preventing corrosion.

AMSOIL Mudslinger®.
AMSOIL Mudslinger®

AMSOIL Mudslinger® is an overall excellent and versatile product. It has a fragrant cherry scent and cleans, restores, and shines fiberglass, plastic, and painted surfaces. Cleaning up after riding through dirty environments is reduced as it forms a tough protective armor that shields against snow, dirt, and mud.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks on the best way to prevent rust on a car or truck will keep your vehicle rust-free for years to come.

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