Best Two Stroke Oil for Lawn Equipment

Professional landscapers operate their lawn equipment in extremely difficult environments and put their two stroke equipment through the paces. Whether they are running their string trimmers, backpack blowers, chainsaws, or other two stroke lawn equipment, their operating environments are extremely dirty, hot, and in many cases wet. They run nonstop throughout each day due to their tough and relentless schedules that simply don’t tolerate downtime. Using the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment is absolutely necessary for these operators.

Operating a landscape and lawn enterprise is extremely demanding. The typical landscape business must overcome many challenges in the hopes of having a profitable year. Some of the challenges they encounter are high fuel costs, a shortage of quality workers, competitors that quote ridiculously low prices for their work, personal stress, and very high health insurance costs.

A good sized lawn and landscape operation may run anywhere from 5 to 10 zero turn lawnmowers that cost an average of $15,000 a piece. In addition, this operation will utilize 8+ string trimmers and backpack blowers. Each of these pieces of equipment will end up logging anywhere from 500 to 600 hours per year. This size operation will need to consume a tremendous amount of gas and oil.

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To run a profitable lawn and landscape business in such a brutally competitive and tough business environment requires total focus on keeping costs down and running an efficient operation. Establishing a tight schedule and then executing the jobs in a timely fashion is extremely critical when expecting a profit at the end of the day. Downtime is not a friend of landscapers and any breakdown will quickly disrupt tight scheduling and destroy the day’s profit margin.

One key strategy that a lawn and landscape operation can execute to help minimize downtime and enhance profits is to take a serious look at the type and quality of lubricants to use. There are definite differences in quality when the subject of lubricants for two stroke equipment comes up. If the goal for the professional landscaper is to stay on schedule and keep all equipment running day in and day out both efficiently and with maximum power, then the choice of lubricants can be narrowed to only one choice. The only decision should be the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment, which would be a 100% pure synthetic two stroke oil.

The best two stroke oil for lawn equipment must deliver outstanding lubricity, deliver smokeless performance, reduce or eliminate spark plug fouling, vastly reduce piston scuffing, mix easily with gasoline, and be highly concentrated to vastly reduce oil requirements.

Characteristics of the Best Two Stroke Oil for Lawn Equipment

Reduces Oil Volume Requirements

To be considered the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment, it is both helpful and useful that such an oil help to reduce the amount of oil needed throughout the year. By reducing the inventory requirements of a two stroke oil, real dollars are saved. For example, AMSOIL manufactures a state of the art two stroke oil. It’s called AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil. It can be used at any mix ratio all the way up to 100:1. By mixing at this 100:1 ratio, less oil is needed when comparing this mix ratio to the more traditional mix ratios of 50:1.

AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.
AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

AMSOIL guarantees a 100:1 ratio, which will allow landscape professionals to reduce two stroke oil requirements, thus radically reducing costs. Also, by either running an 80:1 or 100:1 mixing ratio for all two stroke equipment, not only do you reduce oil requirements but there’s less confusion in what mix ratio to use for varying equipment.

AMSOIL’s SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil will reduce oil expenses by 50% or more. Additionally, your equipment will still receive the finest performance and protection. At an 80:1 or 100:1 mix ration, you are enjoying both increased protection and reduced costs. You experience more efficiency and improved profits.

Smokeless Performance

A common complaint among many landscape and lawn equipment businesses has been the abnormal smoking they’ve experienced from their two stroke gasoline engines. The severe smoking is caused due to the two stroke engine being engineered to burn oil. To reduce or eliminate this smoking, some two stroke oil manufacturers have tried to formulate an oil that either reduces excessive smoking or is a smokeless oil.

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Again, let’s take a look at a top of the line smokeless two stroke oil. AMSOIL SABER® Professional Two Stroke Oil was put through the industry standard smoke test and it passed it with flying colors while running at the standard rich mix ratio. When run at the SABER® ratio during this test, smoke was undetectable. Professional lawn and landscapers are exposed to constant fumes and smoke, but by switching to SABER® Professional at 100:1 mix ratio, these professionals benefit from the low emission properties.

Not only does SABER® Professional deliver smokeless performance, but it delivers much lower emissions at the 80:1 and 100:1 mix ratios, it protects and delivers outstanding performance at these lean mix ratios, it can stabilize fuel during storage, it offers outstanding cleanliness and lubricity, it will control friction, and it provides protection against exhaust port locking, ring sticking, plug fouling, and wear.

Improving Engine Life and Operation

Choosing the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment should and will provide enhanced engine operation and longer engine life. Utilizing a two stroke oil that is formulated with high quality synthetic base stock oils will surely deliver benefits. AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil with its state of the art synthetic base oils has been tested and proven to burn cleaner than other competitive synthetic and mineral based oils. Its unique chemistry works synergistically with the synthetic base oils so as to eliminate carbon deposits.

By eliminating carbon deposits, SABER® Professional will eliminate stuck piston rings, plug spark arrestor screens, and clogged exhaust ports.

Fuel Stabilization

Another feature to look for when choosing the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment is whether the oil will actually stabilize the fuel. When the season is over and equipment will be idle during the winter time, there may be a requirement to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel to prevent it from deteriorating in storage. When the new season comes around, if a fuel stabilizer was not used and the fuel deteriorated, it will cause poor engine performance. Of course, having to buy a fuel stabilizer requires money to be spent, further costing the professional landscaper profits.

What if there’s an oil that saves the operator the need and expense of having to purchase a fuel stabilizer during storage? The solution is choosing a high quality, properly formulated synthetic two stroke oil such as AMSOIL’s SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil. Its high tech proprietary formula delivers the benefit of fuel stabilization. By using SABER® Professional, you are preventing fuel from deteriorating during storage.

By not having to purchase an additional fuel stabilizer, obviously you’re saving money and improving your bottom line. When the season starts again, your fuel that has been mixed with SABER® Professional is ready to go and your engine will be performing at maximum efficiency and power.

This is another example of why it is critical to understand the final cost of a lubricant. It is always tempting to invest in the low price two stroke oils that can only function at the lower mix ratios. Superficially, without knowing and understanding all the facts, synthetics, with their higher initial costs, can seem out of reach and not worth their higher price. The facts are clear though that choosing the proper two stroke oil from an experienced synthetic oil manufacturer such as AMSOIL will in fact save the professional more money and end up costing far less than a cheap conventional or mineral oil based two stroke oil.

In regards to whether one should choose mineral over synthetics, a saying comes to mind: “Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes” is an appropriate phrase when we look at the final costs of a product. In the case of synthetics vs. mineral based oils, the jury is in. They will save the hardworking lawn and landscaping business owner money hand over fist.

For landscapers, the typical industry two stroke equipment lifespan is 2 years. This 2 year average is based on the use of conventional mineral based two stroke oils. For those professionals that run a tight ship and a meticulous maintenance program that utilizes AMSOIL’s SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil, replacing two stroke equipment every two years can be a thing of the past. There is real world  proof of some two stroke equipment running more than 10 years and having accumulated 6,000 to 8,000 hours of use. This is very possible when the decision is made to run the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment. In this case, AMSOIL SABER® Professional Two Stroke Oil.

Improved Lubricity

Through the use of high quality synthetics, piston scuffing can be reduced dramatically. For air cooled engines which operate in much higher operating conditions, running synthetics will help to dramatically reduce any piston scuffing. Synthetic base stock oils provide an extra benefit over conventional two stroke oils by bringing enhanced lubricity. This superior lubricity helps to reduce wear.

Easy Mixing

Logic will tell you that a lubricant that delivers smokeless performance will also provide easy mixing. If said lubricant has proven to pass stringent and tough industry tests and delivers smokeless performance, then logical reasoning will result in this oil providing superior mixing experiences. It is critical that the oil provide easy mixing so that it saves times but must also provide the required performance and protection for your lawn equipment. Proper and thorough mixing is critical to eliminate the potential of a rich mixture on the bottom of the tank or the need to avoid a leaner mixture of predominantly gasoline at the surface of the tank.

Please be aware that it is critical that the two cycle oil and gas be thoroughly mixed so that stratifications of oil and gas are eliminated in the tank.

How to Eliminate Spark Plug Fouling, Pre-Ignition, and Exhaust Blockage

There are specialized industry tests that oil manufacturers run to test for spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, and exhaust blockage. Many traditional two stroke engine oils that are put through these three tests running a fuel ratio of 20:1 have failed all three tests. By choosing the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment, such as AMSOIL’s SABER® Professional, you will get an oil that passes all three of these tests at the 100:1 mix ratio. SABER® Professional will reduce or eliminate pre-ignition, spark plug fouling, and exhaust blockage.

It must be emphasized that when it comes to engineering a quality two stroke engine oil that delivers real benefits, only the absolute finest additive chemistry and base oils can be used. It is wishful thinking to think that a low cost conventional mineral two stroke oil can offer anything more than the most basic and minimal protection. For those professional landscapers that are on a super tight schedule and can’t afford any breakdowns, tough decisions have to be made, and in the case of lubricants, the safest and surest strategy is to run only the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment.

If you’re looking to solve problems, meet schedules, and maximize profits, the cheapest solution is a quality synthetic two stroke oil.

Typical Applications

The hope is that after reading this blog post, enough information has been given to motivate the professional landscaper to want to choose the best two stroke oil for lawn equipment. We’ve chosen to highlight AMSOIL’s SABER® Professional Synthetic Two Stroke Oil because the feeling is that there is no better oil on the market. It has been extensively independently tested and has tens of thousands of hours of real word experience in the field. SABER® Professional can be used in all two stroke hand held equipment where the oils being specified are API-TC, ISO-L-EGD, or JASO FD.

AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.
AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

It offers outstanding performance and protection for ECHO, TORO, HUSQVARNA, STIHL, CRAFTSMEN, SHINDAIWA, 4-MIX STIHL, and HYBRID 4 SHINDAIWA engines. SABER® Professional can be used at typical mix ratios or the SABER® ratio. Regardless of the mix ratio that is specified for the specific piece of equipment, for those looking for the absolute maximum benefit, use the SABER® ratio.