Best Diesel Additive to Clean Injectors

It is very important today, since low quality diesel fuels tend to cause diesel injector problems, that diesel engine operators learn what is the best diesel additive to clean injectors.

With today’s fuels constantly changing due to strict federal law requirements, diesel fuel systems are being exposed to extreme operating conditions. Fuel systems are engineered with much tighter tolerances and they must operate at much higher operating temperatures. Today’s fuel is vastly different to diesel fuel from the past. To meet industry standards, vital components of fuel have been stripped away causing increased injector problems.

In the past, diesel injectors typically had deposits forming externally. Now, these detrimental deposits are forming internally. This is resulting in inferior engine performance and efficiency and injector life has been drastically reduced. To reverse this negative problem, knowing what is the best diesel additive to clean injectors can bring huge benefits to the heavy equipment operator that far outweigh the cost.

How to Determine What is the Best Diesel Additive to Clean Injectors

There are seven parameters that a quality diesel additive needs to provide for it to be considered the best diesel additive to clean injectors. These seven are as follows: 1) Provides fuel injector cleanliness, 2) Able to reduce exhaust emissions, 3) Helps to enhance fuel economy, 4) Offers the ability to prevent the formation of fuel/water emulsions, 5) Contains a lubrication chemistry, 6) Can stabilize fuel storage and corrosion protection, and 7) Can perform in bio based diesel fuels plus any low sulfur fuels.

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean.
AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean

1) Provides fuel injector cleanliness

Injector problems have been on the rise due to the ever changing nature of diesel fuel quality because of stricter federal emission standards. As an example, lets take a port fuel injector that has developed carbon buildup. Because of the carbon buildup, the spray pattern has become poor, causing inefficiencies, less power, and increased fuel consumption.

To be considered the best diesel additive to clean injectors, it must have the ability to safely and effectively remove carbon buildup. Typically, by taking 80 gallons of diesel engine fuel and adding 32 ounces of the proper diesel fuel conditioner, it is possible for the additive chemistry to soften the carbon buildup to the point where it disappears.

Now the port fuel injector creates a very good atomized spray pattern, eventually resulting in increased engine power and better fuel economy and beyond this, injector life can be extended.

2) Able to reduce exhaust emissions

Worldwide, there are environmental concerns and the desire for cleaner air. To meet these tough regulations, original equipment manufacturers of diesel engines are following a philosophy of engineering in higher and more efficient performance, while simultaneously controlling and lowering emissions. Choosing the best diesel additive to clean injectors can go a long way in helping to reduce exhaust emissions.

3) Helps to enhance fuel economy

When selecting the best diesel additive to clean injectors, it is critical to determine the stability of such an additive and its effectiveness in helping diesel fuel to burn efficiently and completely. When diesel fuel can burn efficiently, the fuel economy of a diesel engine is vastly improved, along with enhanced power increases. Most importantly, deposits are virtually eliminated.

Of course, one can assume that when local fuel suppliers say that their diesel fuel has the necessary treatment, then hopefully you can believe that this is “good enough” to keep injectors clean. On the other hand, it never hurts to be proactive and feel that there’s always a strategy and a path to improvement.

For sure, better quality diesel fuel conditioners exist and have found a place in the market for a good reason. They do offer the progressive heavy equipment operator greater benefits. Advances in chemistry have proven to be very effective in cleaning up carbon buildup in injectors. This carbon buildup was a result in burning so called “treated fuel” from local suppliers. These advanced diesel fuel treatment chemistries contain unique additives that quickly and safely soften carbon buildup and then take them away.

Once these injectors offer like new atomized spray patterns, the now clean injectors can work as they were designed to, returning your diesel engine’s power and efficiency. Not only does the carbon buildup problem disappear, but the continued use of these superior diesel engine fuel treatments will hinder any further carbon buildup. Additionally, tests have proven that fuel economy can be improved as much as 8%.

4) Preventing emulsions of water with fuel

Preventing emulsion of water with fuel illustrates to you that the fuel treatment in question is the best diesel additive to clean injectors. Fluctuating temperatures that go from hot to cold create condensation buildup inside vehicle fuel tanks and fuel storage tanks. It is important that the water condensation forming in both tanks does not emulsify with the fuel.

It is critical that the diesel fuel conditioner contain a demulsifier so that an excess amount of water that has developed in the storage tanks does not emulsify with the fuel. This demulsifier allows the fuel to flow freely and then makes it possible for the removal of detrimental moisture and water from the storage fuel tanks. When it comes to the vehicle tanks, the proper diesel fuel conditioner can remove any excess moisture through burning of the fuel, keeping the fuel tank dry.

5) Contains a lubrication chemistry

Injector pump manufacturers establish specific lubricity requirements. To be considered the best diesel additive to clean injectors, it is critical that it contains high lubricity characteristics that meet and exceed OEM injector pump requirements.

It would be better that this diesel engine additive not be alcohol based, which is undesirable because it is drying. Instead, it is preferred that the fuel treatment be an oil based fuel conditioner. By being based on a heavy oil, it can provide better upper cylinder and piston ring lubrication to the diesel engine.

Additionally, this oil based additive can provide the necessary protection to fuel pump injectors, helping in reducing scuffing and wear which greatly extends the life of both.

6) Can stabilize fuel storage and corrosion protection

Corrosion within a fuel system is a problematic issue that if untreated can vastly reduce the life of an engine, hinder engine performance, and elevate the costs of maintenance. A superior diesel fuel conditioner should have the necessary corrosion inhibitors to protect fuel system components from any corrosion and rust.

7) Can perform in bio based diesel fuels plus any low sulfur fuels

It is necessary to choose a diesel fuel treatment that is capable of providing performance in bio based diesel fuels plus any low sulfur fuels. Typically, if it contains the most modern up-to-date chemistry, then it should perform in a safe and efficient manner. If there is one product that meets all seven performance parameters, then its safe to say that you have found the best diesel additive to clean injectors.

Who Makes the Best Diesel Additive to Clean Injectors?

The absolute finest diesel injector cleaner is manufactured by AMSOIL. They named this product Diesel Injector Clean. Here is what this fine diesel fuel additive can do: it cleans dirty injectors, improves fuel economy up to 8%, lubricates pumps and injectors to reduce wear, restores power and torque, extends fuel filter life, reduces smoke and emissions, fights against fuel system corrosion, helps prolong time between EGR and DPF regenerations, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, is alcohol-free, and is safe for use in all diesel fuels including bio-diesel.

AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean.
AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean

Choose this product and the benefits that will be reaped will outweigh any investment in such a product. Happy Motoring!