One of the easiest and most productive strategies on how to reduce friction in a car engine is to choose the best engine oil, AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oils. There are two choices available: conventional (petroleum-based) motor oil or synthetic motor oil.

What is Friction?

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Friction is what exactly? Most of us know in simplistic terms what friction is, even though advanced engineering concepts of friction can be quite confusing in their analysis. If we go back in time and remember how the science teacher asked us to vigorously rub our two hands together, we could at that time experience what friction actually is and the result of friction, which is an increase in temperature.

Petroleum-based motor oil is naturally made up of different sized molecules of differing weights. Additionally, they contain unwanted by-products such as wax, which do not add value to the performance of conventional motor oil. Considering the complete structure of a petroleum base oil, it is proven that more energy is needed for a petroleum base oil to be circulated completely throughout the engine. This leads to wasteful fuel consumption and unnecessary increases in heat and friction.

Castol and Shell conventional engine oils.

Petroleum-based motor oils contain an uneven molecular structure that requires more energy to circulate throughout an engine.

The opposite is the case when considering how synthetic base oils are created. Pure synthetic base oils are synthesized in a laboratory, resulting in a pre-planned molecular structure that is totally uniform. These perfectly uniform molecules flow very easily over one another and are totally devoid of any unwanted by-products. Creating a motor oil with such a synthetic base oil will deliver reduced friction, thus improving fuel economy.

How To Reduce Friction In A Car Engine With AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oil

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The primary job of engine oil is to create a fluid film or barrier between the metal surfaces of critical moving parts, with the obvious goal of protecting the metal parts from coming in contact with each other and reducing friction.

AMSOIL 5W30 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil.

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is created using a perfectly even molecular structure that requires less energy to circulate throughout an engine, thus reducing friction and improving fuel economy.

There are four critical tasks that motor oil must deliver when the subject of friction reduction is brought up.

  1.  If a motor oil will reduce friction, this obviously leads to a reduction in wear metals, which ultimately delivers extended engine life.
  2. Utilizing a pure synthetic motor oil such as AMSOIL Signature Series could benefit your engine by offering up to 75% protection against horsepower loss and wear than has been specified by an industry-leading standard test specification.
  3. By reducing friction in an engine, this translates to a reduction of heat within internal motor components. The obvious benefit long-term in a reduction of temperature is prolonged equipment life.
  4. When utilizing a synthetic engine oil that reduces friction, engine efficiency is improved, thus providing more power by expending less force.

By deciding to choose synthetic motor oil over conventional petroleum-based engine oil, you’ve learned a useful strategy on how to reduce friction in a car engine.