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AMSOIL Oil Filter | Best Oil Filter For Full Synthetic Oil

In this blog post we’re going to discuss the best oil filter for full synthetic oil. An automobile oil filter is designed to do a simple job, which is to capture and filter out any unwanted dirt particles or contaminants, and then hold them in the filter media so that they don’t go back into the engine and cause unwanted wear. There are two choices when considering a filter. You can choose a cheap, low-quality conventional oil filter, which offers minimal capabilities of filtering out contaminants, or you can use a high-performance oil filter that is manufactured utilizing a synthetic media material.

This type of filter offers far more filtering capacity and can deal with more severe dusty or dirty conditions that the engine may be operating in.

If you’re running a conventional petroleum motor oil, then use an inexpensive conventional oil filter. If you are a discerning car owner that is using synthetic motor oil, then without question the best oil filter for full synthetic oil would be an AMSOIL oil filter that is designed and manufactured utilizing the finest synthetic media.

AMSOIL oil filter media.
AMSOIL utilizes synthetic filtering media, HNBR gaskets and silicone anti-drainback valves together make a 99% efficient filter.

Why Is An AMSOIL Oil Filter the Best Oil Filter for Full Synthetic Oil?

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What makes an AMSOIL oil filter a superior oil filter? The first reason is its use of a high-performance 100% synthetic media. This synthetic media will hold and trap a much larger volume of micron-sized damaging contaminants compared to cheap conventional oil filters. Also, expect much longer service life from these filters. AMSOIL has chosen the finest grade 100% pure synthetic media. The unique construction process of this high-performance synthetic media gives it superior durability, along with providing it with much higher capacity and efficiency versus other lower-quality oil filters.

The technology behind AMSOIL’s full synthetic media allows it to be resistant to hot oil degradation because of it being resin-free in its construction. Additionally, the media gets its superior strength by utilizing a pleated wire screen backing. AMSOIL’s oil filters are manufactured utilizing HNBR gaskets. The filters also utilize fully tucked seams, long-lasting roll form threads,  a molded element seal, and a top-of-the-line grade anti-drainback valve made from silicone.

When discussing what is an oil filter’s capacity, this is referring to the amount or volume of contaminants it is capable of holding while still remaining effective in its job of filtering. When comparing conventional cheap oil filters versus AMSOIL oil filters, they are rated and designed to offer much higher filtering capacity for micro-sized contaminants than competing oil filters. This larger filtering capacity allows AMSOIL oil filters to last longer and provide superior filtering of the oil.

Cheap conventional car oil filter.
Cheap conventional oil filters use large fibered media that slows oil flow during cold engine start ups.

To keep motor parts properly lubricated at all times, it is critical for it to have the proper oil flow. Lower quality conventional oil filters utilize larger fibers for their filtering media. These larger fibers tend to restrict oil flow. AMSOIL oil filters utilize much smaller synthetic fibers, which provide much lower restriction to oil flow. By offering lower oil flow restriction, engine wear can be decreased. This characteristic is important during cold temperature warm-up periods for the engine. AMSOIL oil filters thus provide less restriction to oil flow through their filter media then do typical large fibered cellulose oil filters.

What constitutes the best oil filter for full synthetic oil is the filter’s efficiency at capturing damaging contaminants. The greater the efficiency of a filter, the greater its ability to remove contaminants from the oil. AMSOIL oil filters have tested out as having one of the finest efficiency ratings found in the automotive industry. In accordance with the industry standard ISO 4548-12, AMSOIL oil filters are providing a filtering efficiency of 99% at 20 microns. In comparison, competitive filters demonstrated efficiencies as poor as 51%.

AMSOIL EA Oil Filter.
AMSOIL EA Oil Filter will remove 20 micron-sized contaminants from your engine. It is good for 25,000 miles.

To provide maximum protection to your engine, utilize the finest 100% synthetic motor oil along with the AMSOIL’s advanced full synthetic media oil filters. This strategy of using the best oil filter for full synthetic oil will provide the benefit of decreased engine wear, improved engine efficiency, and the maximum life out of both your engine and motor oil.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.
Pairing AMSOIL oil filters with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides you the ultimate in protection.