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AMSOIL Oil | Can You Switch From Conventional Oil to Synthetic?

There is a lot of misinformation floating throughout the automobile community about switching from one type of motor oil to another. Naturally, if the uninformed hear this, they start to wonder: can you switch from conventional oil to synthetic? This same misleading advice is especially prevalent when talking about older vehicles that have accumulated high mileage on their engines.

Today there is a small group of misinformed mechanics, both at repair shops and on internet forums, still holding onto old fashioned ideas that synthetic engine oils can be a detriment. Some of the misinformation they consistently circulate is that synthetic oil causes camshaft roller followers to “slide or skid.” Another fallacy that they claim is that changing over to synthetic motor oil in older engines will cause oil leakages. These theories simply aren’t true. Let’s find out how making the switch to synthetic oils can in fact maximize the performance of your vehicle.

Can You Switch From Conventional Oil to Synthetic Oil?

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Experience and proof have illustrated that these old fashioned concepts regarding synthetics creating motor problems are in fact falsehoods. The fact is, properly developed synthetics provide advantages far beyond what regular conventional oils can deliver. Over the last ten years, synthetic lubricating oils have been expanding in popularity. More and more OEMs for both automobiles and light-duty trucks are jumping on the synthetic lubricant bandwagon. You can add high-performance cars to that list of vehicles switching from conventional oil to synthetic as well.

Polished car engine.
More car companies and car owners are switching from regular oil to synthetics and reaping the benefits from the switch.


Can you switch from conventional oil to synthetic? You’re the boss, so sure you can! Simply set up an appointment with your local auto repair shop and request that you want to change from conventional oil to synthetic oil in your vehicle. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then, of course, you can install your favorite AMSOIL synthetic motor oil yourself. There are now many choices on the synthetic oil market, but why not choose AMSOIL, the “First in Synthetics”?

Technician changing the oil in a car.
You can have a professional mechanic change your oil or you can do it yourself.

Maximize Vehicle Performance By Using Synthetics

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Following are some of the basic benefits you will reap when switching from regular oil to synthetic AMSOIL oil. The first benefit is you’ll be utilizing an oil that resists thermal (high-temperature) breakdown. Regular conventional oils readily start to break down during high-temperature operations. AMSOIL synthetics are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures far above conventional oils.

Signature Series 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil.
Signature Series 5W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil.

By switching from regular oil to a quality synthetic AMSOIL oil, expect your engine to stay cleaner and run more efficiently as a result. This cleanliness translates to longer engine life and oil life. AMSOIL offers long-lasting synthetic motor oils with a duty life of up to 25,000 miles. Compare that to regular conventional oil that lasts at most 3,000 miles. Do the math, and you can easily see the long-term cost benefits when switching to high-quality synthetic engine oil.

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Synthetics provide superior oil flow and reduced friction, both leading to improved fuel economy.

With the high cost of fuel and with green technology becoming more and more a necessity, a switch to long-lasting AMSOIL synthetic engine oil helps in both regards. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil increases fuel economy in your vehicle by reducing friction in your engine. Less friction translates to better fuel economy and at the same time a more efficient, cleaner-burning engine. Making your engine burn cleaner is better for the environment.

Having an oil that lasts 25,000 miles vs. 3,000 miles obviously means less harmful waste entering the environment. All in all, when asking yourself the question “Can you switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil?”, you can rest assured that your engine will be happier, your wallet will be fatter, and the environment will be grateful that you made the change.

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Synthetic oils last up to eight times longer than regular oil, making them an environmentally-friendly alternative for your vehicle.