15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil

In this blog post, we’ll compare the differences between a conventional 15W40 diesel engine oil versus a 15W40 synthetic diesel oil. At some point in time, you may have read or heard that synthetic oils offers superior performance over petroleum/conventional motor oils. You did hear correctly, and for those that don’t understand why synthetics are better, let’s briefly discuss why.

What exactly is synthetic motor oil?

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For this blog post, we’re going to reference a synthetic oil manufacturer who in 1972, inspired by aerospace technology, came out with the first synthetic engine oil that met the American Service Institute service requirements. At that time and still today, it outperformed conventional oils in all areas of performance. That company is AMSOIL.

AMSOIL synthetic oils are chemically engineered in the laboratory to create pure oils. These pure synthetic lubricants have no molecules or contaminants that don’t serve an engineered purpose. The molecular structure is uniform, pure, and versatile. They’re specifically engineered to deliver specific properties that give superior extreme temperature performance, tougher film strength, better fuel efficiency, and improved friction reduction that conventional oils simply cannot provide.

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40.
AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40

Petroleum/conventional oils start out as crude oil drilled from the ground. They are then refined. Inherent to crude oil are such contaminating elements as oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and metal components like vanadium and nickel. These contaminants cannot be completely removed during the refining process. When refining crude oil, the process separates the different types of molecules found in the oil by weight, thus leaving behind molecules with different molecular structures. This reduces the oil’s performance.

There is only a very thin microscopic film of oil that keeps two metal surfaces from coming in contact with each other and causing wear inside your engine. Without a doubt, your diesel engine needs a synthetic oil so as to keep metal surfaces inside an engine from coming into contact with each other. From the very beginning, AMSOIL realized that synthetics were a better mousetrap than conventional oils. AMSOIL synthetic engine oils are engineered to deliver and provide a tough film of oil for engine metal surfaces.

Test after test has proven that AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils will outperform conventional oils because of their tough and durable base stock oils. They were designed to help reduce friction, wear, and deliver better protection for diesel engines. An AMSOIL 15W40 synthetic engine oil can provide the diesel engine owner superior protection over conventional oils that use standard base stocks.

Not only are synthetic base stock oils superior to conventional, it is also important that the manufacturer has vast experience in the manufacturing and the use of synthetic oils. The chemist needs to understand which base stocks provide the most benefits. AMSOIL, with over 48 years of synthetic oil manufacturing, has the wherewithal to create one of a kind base stock combinations that no other motor oil manufacturer can compare to. Their exclusive synthetic base stock formulas work synergistically to provide a superior 15W40 synthetic diesel oil that gives the diesel owner high lubricity, high film strength, and an ultra thermally stable engine oil.

The assumption is that heavy equipment and fleet operators are on the lookout for a simple and real way to save on repair costs. If the fleet owner is currently using a conventional/petroleum-based engine oil, then it behooves the heavy equipment operator to take a serious look at synthetics. By having an open mind, there are real opportunities offered by high performance, high quality synthetic lubricants. Again, AMSOIL has real world experience in delivering savings.

AMSOIL 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil upfront is designed to deliver performance that surpasses any conventional 15W40 engine oil. It will outperform in the following areas: superior oxidation resistance, better protection against wear, improved fuel economy, and an amazing ability to protect and perform in a wide range of temperatures from very hot to very cold.

Why use a 15W40 synthetic diesel oil?

You may want more than one reason for switching from a conventional 15W40 diesel engine oil to a 15W40 synthetic diesel engine oil. Here’s a few interesting reason and facts as to why you can benefit by switching.

Do you want better diesel engine protection? Through independent testing, it was shown that AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil provides four times better protection against wear. In fact, AMSOIL can offer even more protection by switching to their premier Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil. This state of the art synthetic engine oil delivers six times better protection against wear.

AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40.
AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40

Do you use your equipment in hot temperatures? Because of their use of the finest synthetic base stock oils and additives, AMSOIL synthetic diesel engine oils retain their protective viscosities for extra motor protection during extremely high temperature operating conditions. On the flip side, do you operate your diesel equipment in very cold temperatures? If so, AMSOIL is the only choice for cold temperatures. Their unique and exclusive synthetic base stock formulas that are used in all their diesel engine oils will stay fluid in below zero temperatures. They provide easier starting, faster and improved oil flow, and reduced wear.

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Do you tow or haul to job sites? Here too, AMSOIL delivers real benefits to your equipment. Max-Duty provides up to 60% better turbo cleanliness. This means this synthetic oil will withstand any extra demands that are placed on the turbocharger when hauling/towing heavy loads or updating the tune when more horsepower is needed.

Does your fleet contain some high mileage vehicles? If so, an AMSOIL 15W40 synthetic diesel oil is the go-to lubricant for your older equipment. AMSOIL offers two different series that can be chosen for a high mileage vehicle. First, their Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil delivers up to 66% less oil consumption. If you want AMSOIL’s top of the line maximum performance diesel oil, then take a close look at their Signature Series Max-Duty Diesel Oil that delivers up to 76% less oil consumption.

Do you store your equipment or vehicles for extended periods of time? AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty delivers up to two times more rust protection.

Those are just some of the basic, fundamental reasons and benefits to consider if you’re looking to extend diesel engine life and reduce operating costs.

How to reduce engine wear

It is common knowledge amongst lubrication engineers and diesel engine manufacturers that 80% of all engine wear occurs when a cold diesel motor is first started up. Studies have proven this to be the case due to a lack of lubrication from the engine oil. By using a synthetic diesel oil that is manufactured with 100% pure synthetic base stocks, you have an oil that was designed specifically with very little fluid friction and an ability to flow quickly and easily during very cold temperatures. This is very important when starting up a cold engine.

AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Oil.
AMSOIL SAE 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Oil

Also, another unique characteristic of certain synthetic base stock oils is that they are highly polar. This unique polarity means that the oil will naturally cling to metal surfaces and find its way deep into the crevices and valleys that exist in metal. No matter that most of the oil will drain back to the oil sump when shut down, these high polarity oils remain clinging to the metal surfaces, thus helping to eliminate a large percentage of wear that occurs during dry starts.

When you factor in quick and easy flowability in cold temperatures, along with their polar ability to cling to metal, plus the use of the finest anti-friction and anti-wear additives that chemically plate to the metal surfaces, you have a state of the art 15W40 synthetic diesel oil that really performs. It will put to shame any conventional petroleum-based diesel oil when we talk about cold temperatures and cold dry start-ups.

Safely extend oil drain intervals

Keeping your equipment or fleet at a job site or on the road is not only imperative but necessary. Any strategy that can keep your equipment and fleet working and earning money is the number one priority. The longer you can stay out of the shop, the better. One simple and easy strategy is to extend oil drain intervals. The key is to do it safely. Extending drain intervals is another area where synthetics can offer real benefits and savings over petroleum-based lubricants.

The fact that synthetic base stock oils can withstand more heat and offer higher and better thermal stability than conventionals makes them the perfect candidate for extending drain intervals. Oxidation is the main reason why a motor oil will degrade. The faster oxidation occurs, the quicker bad things start to happen inside an engine. The goal of any quality diesel engine oil is to control and avoid the formation of deposits, minimizing any oil thickening, and be able to neutralize damaging acids.

An AMSOIL 15W40 Synthetic Diesel Oil is tailor-made and engineered to offer superior resistance to oxidation. Such an oil will eliminate much the buildup of deposits, can effectively control oil thickening, and offer long term and superior acid neutralization. By using the finest thermally stable base stocks, they take the heat and resist any tendency towards oxidation. Plus, only the finest heavy duty additives are blended in. Not only the best, but AMSOIL is not stingy when it comes to the amount and volume of additives used. They have the experience and know-how on what it takes to engineer a standalone custom made diesel oil. There is nothing “me-too” about AMSOIL oils. They stand apart from the crowd.

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When it comes to heavy duty detergents, dispersants, and acid neutralizers, only the finest are considered. To keep soot in suspension, to eliminate deposits, and to neutralize acids so that the service life of the oil can be extended, AMSOIL chemists choose what is required. By using scientific oil analysis, AMSOIL can safely deliver drain intervals that are three times longer than a conventional 15W40 engine oil.

In summary, a high performance 15W40 synthetic diesel oil such as one manufactured by AMSOIL can provide the heavy equipment or fleet diesel operation real benefits and real dollar savings, the potential for improved fuel economy, three times longer drain intervals, superior acid neutralization via Total Base Number retention, and better wear protection by as much as 76%.

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